Expert Insights Into 360-Degree Video – Oncam Roundtable

The needs of end users and the goals of integrators are diverse and often overlooked, but at Oncam we have historically provided customers with award-winning devices that empower organizations to take control over surveillance at their facilities. When it comes to 360-degree video technology, our experts believe that innovations in product development and overall security […]

What’s The Future of 360-degree Cameras and Wide-Angle Video Technology?

Now that we’ve told you about the importance of leveraging a fisheye camera within your surveillance ecosystem and what to look for when buying these devices as well as the importance of a seamless integration with a VMS platform, it’s time to shift gears and take a look toward the future. The video surveillance market […]

VMS Platform and Camera Integration: The Importance of Strategic Partnerships

The truth is that it can be tricky to find a “one size fits all” physical security solution. Every organization has unique needs when it comes to technology and its applications throughout the business, meaning that a combination of various products that work together can often be the most ideal way to comprehensively ensure protection. […]

The Top 6 Things to Think About When Buying a Fisheye Camera

You know by now that a fisheye camera is an integral part of a security surveillance ecosystem (but if you need a refresher, check out this post from my colleague Abhishek Kumar, which means that it’s time for you to take the next step toward implementing this kind of solution. Just like any other buying […]

Fisheye Cameras: Playing an Integral Role in a Security Surveillance Ecosystem

Whether you refer to it as panoramic or omnidirectional, 360-degree images have quickly become the gold standard in the world of surveillance, providing an expansive view of an area and offering security operators the ability to take in the entire scene without compromising quality. Today, the 360-degree fisheye camera is an integral part of the […]

Oncam Teams are Navigating a New Normal – Working from Home

The mindset befalling many of us in the current climate can best be described as conflicting. But, as George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” This has become particularly relevant when it comes to adjusting to the new work life many companies are attempting to navigate while their teams […]

How You Can Experience Oncam at ISC West 2020

MARCH 4 2020 – UPDATE: To our valued partners and customers: As a result of the heightened concern surrounding the spread of coronavirus around the globe, the ONVU Technologies leadership team, along with Oncam’s management staff, has made the difficult decision to suspend all non-critical business travel. This directly affects Oncam, which will withdraw its […]

What About Tomorrow? How Standards Help Drive Innovation

Jon Marsh

By Jon Marsh, VP Product, Oncam Interoperability has long been the gold standard for niche camera manufacturers aiming to provide a complementary solution to deliver additional value for customers. The standards set forth specifically by ONVIF help drive these manufacturers to streamline engineering toward the focus of adding options for end users, with a special […]

What Should Be The Security Industry’s ‘New Year’s Resolution?’

In this interview with SecurityInformed, Simon Pearson, VP Commercial, explores what the Security Industry’s ‘New Year’s Resolution’ should be. “For camera manufacturers in particular, the first New Year’s resolution that should be implemented is adopting a renewed focus on technology innovation. As the latest advancements, such as artificial intelligence and 5G, really take hold in […]

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Camera Manufacturers

By Simon Pearson, VP Commercial, Oncam The New Year is officially here, which commonly signifies a fresh start for many, as the flip of the calendar represents a clean slate for opportunities and growth. Along with this idea comes a trend that can help propel change and encourage positive habits: New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’ve […]