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2018 Year in Review: Industry Movers & Shakers on the Hot Seat

SSI interviews executives from across the security ecosystem for high-profile monthly Q&As. Here are the subject matter experts who addressed key channel developments and provocative topics in 2018.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Throughout the year, SSI interviews executives from across the security ecosystem for high-profile monthly Q&As that run in the magazine under the “Hot Seat” label. The online versions of these interviews include additional material.

Below are the subject matter experts who addressed key channel developments and provocative topics in 2018. You can also access a trove of past Hot Seat installments here.


Napco Front Man Soloway Details Strategy for Success

Napco Founder Richard Soloway, a member of the SSI Industry Hall of Fame, discusses how the company is helping dealers succeed in the midst of rising market disruption caused by DIY systems strategic initiatives and more.


Are You Monitoring Your Subscriber Experience?

Sharon Elder, vice president of sales for NMC, takes up key topics in the contract monitoring space, including 5G as a market disruptor and more.


COPS’ Prez Talks Tech Changes, Cyber Challenges

COPS Monitoring has invested heavily to keep pace with, and remain ahead of, a fast-changing technological landscape. The company’s president and COO, Jim McMullen, discusses this and other topics.


Expanding the Peace of Mind Value Proposition

Shawn Welsh, senior vice president of product line management and marketing for Telular, is responsible for the company’s numerous IoT product lines and growth strategies. He shares his perspectives on a rapidly changing marketplace.


Don’t Be Wide-Eyed on the Subject of Cybersecurity

OpenEye is a provider of Cloud-managed video surveillance software and hardware solutions. The company’s Ian Siemer, vice president of marketing and product management, discusses the marketplace in this era of rising cybersecurity urgency, among other topics.


Go ‘Above and Beyond’ to Differentiate With Service

Jennifer Doctor, senior director of product management for Tyco Security Solutions at JCI says, “Personal service means more than sending a bill or responding when an event happens.”


An Insider’s Long View of the Video Surveillance Market

Speco Technologies President Todd Keller discusses the evolution of the video surveillance marketplace, including the effects of commoditization and how he has strategically positioned the Amityville, N.Y-based company.


How a Hybrid DIY Model Puts Dealers on Firm Footing

Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Alula, newly formed by the merger of Resolution Products and ipDatatel, discusses the DIY trend and other dealer-channel topics.


Besore to Pursue Relationship-Building as TMA Executive Director

In November, Celia Besore became the first woman to be appointed executive director of The Monitoring Association. She joins the conversation to discuss tasks she views as necessary for the future success of TMA.


Why Education Sector Offers Opportunity for Intelligent Technologies

Jumbi Edulbehram is regional president of Oncam, Americas, details why artificial intelligence [AI] applications make sense for the education sector, and much more.



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