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Oncam Introduces the Evolution 180 Product Range: Why?

As video cameras and surveillance technology have changed and developed over the years, so too have the needs of customers aiming to achieve a robust and comprehensive security system. From a stationary pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to advanced and innovative panoramic imaging, end users want to find the right kind of security camera that can enhance safety and intelligence in specific vertical markets.

360-degree video has played a huge role in satisfying these customers, and Oncam has made great strides in providing users with high-resolution images fit with state of the art dewarping capabilities. And now, building upon the experience and heritage of the 360-degree technology, Oncam is pleased to boost its product portfolio with the addition of a dedicated panoramic product range.

The Evolution 180 range has been specifically designed for true panoramic views. Traditionally, in single sensor cameras, “panorama” is simply a dewarped viewing mode from the 360-degree video stream. The result of this approach is that a large portion of the sensor remains unutilized, compromising the overall quality of the image. To address this issue, we have designed a camera starting from the image requirements, optimising lens, optics and camera construction for wall mount panoramic views. We’ve called these views Panoramic+, as they give users more pixels on target than any other single sensor panoramic camera. And good things don’t end here. Panoramic+ images are created in the camera, so the stream that the camera generates is a dewarped panorama: this helps users save bandwidth as the top and bottom of the image (normally the ceiling and parts of the floor) are discarded.

The Evolution 180 range is suitable for markets such as casinos, hospitality, retail, transportation and banking, as it is optimised for wall mounting, allowing to capture a wide and complete picture. For example, in a casino or inside hospital corridors, users can obtain the best possible imagery of only the necessary areas. At educational facilities, in locations such as dorms or school hallways, student, staff and visitor activity can be effectively monitored in a practical and efficient manner. In train stations, security personnel can observe the traffic of the whole platform from a single screen, simplifying the way they carry out their daily work.

The 180-degree camera is also unique in that the housing has been built specifically for 180-degree applications. Users will often find a 360-degree camera that has been placed in 180-degree mode, which isn’t ideal for functionality. Oncam’s 180-degree camera is a dedicated form factor that captures a native image without compromising quality.

The Evolution 180 Product Range offers a 12MP sensor and a 6MP dewarped panoramic image, equipped with Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology, which provides adaptive dewarping. Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology is designed to help users that have the camera mounted at an angle, as it allows them to correct the image and focus on what really matters in the scene.

Currently, the product range comprises of an Indoor model, available in black or white and an Outdoor model, which will be available in April 2018. Both models are ONVIF Profile S compatible, enhancing its flexibility and integration options with various video management systems and further proving Oncam’s dedication to innovation and interoperability.

­Learn more about the camera here.

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