Strategic Partnerships Are the Way Forward in a Crowded Security Market

Therese Hume, Strategic Partner Director at Oncam discusses the number of ways to bring a product into the security market, including direct sales, integrator and dealer networks, OEM relationships, technology partners, and the list goes on. At times, it might seem like the market is a bit crowded, challenging the way today’s manufacturers do business […]

Reaching the Loss Prevention Managers: What to Consider Going Into the Holiday Season

It’s not a secret: video surveillance is critical for retailers. Whether it’s used for deterrence (which studies have shown the simple presence of a camera can help thwart would-be shoplifters) or in the event of an incident for investigative purposes, video provides a number of benefits for loss prevention (LP) leaders. And this is especially […]

Hospitality Security Blog Series – Part 4

Unobtrusive surveillance

As we’ve reached the fourth and final part in our hospitality security blog series, let’s take a few minutes to recap what we’ve discussed so far. Part one set the stage for this market, explaining the threats hotels face that contribute to their need for comprehensive security strategies. In part two, we outlined the benefits of intelligent, integrated […]

New and Improved Stainless Steel Design Increases Camera’s Ability to Provide Protection in Demanding Conditions

Stainless steel surveillance

When you think about Oncam’s Evolution 05 and 12 Stainless Steel Cameras, there are likely a few words that immediately come to mind: performance, style, resiliency, toughness. They’re known for their ability to provide enhanced protection in the most demanding environments, where resistance to the elements and compliance to stringent regulations are paramount. Now, we’ve […]

Oncam ExD: Bringing 360-degree Surveillance to Explosive Environments

The 2019 Hazardex International Conference and Exhibition is right around the corner, and you don’t want to miss 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology provider Oncam at stand #25. During the event on Feb. 27-28 in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK, Oncam will showcase how it is committed to bringing exceptional 360-degree imaging technology to the toughest and most challenging […]

Challenges in airport security and surveillance

airport security and surveillance

Airports today face a massive increase in passenger counts. Not only this, but high volumes of luggage, public and employee access, and the vast size of these facilities can pose problems for integrators when implementing video surveillance solutions. Furthermore, wide-open spaces around a perimeter and large passageways from terminal to terminal can present a significant […]

Latest surveillance technologies keep seaports more secure

seaports video surveillance

Among the many improvements in surveillance technology, several companies specifically pointed to artificial intelligence (AI) and improvements in video analytics as being key developments in improved seaport surveillance. “The continued development of artificial intelligence algorithms, especially for video surveillance, will allow ports to more effectively monitor ‘soft events,’ whereby the event does not entail an […]

Choosing the right security solutions for seaports

security solutions for seaports

Seaports have many critical surveillance needs such as safeguarding against unlawful entry and terrorist threats, but they must also deal with day-to-day theft and damage issues. All this becomes increasingly difficult to deal with due to the large physical area that encompasses a port’s security responsibility and the fact that ports typically never close, having […]

2018 Year in Review: Industry Movers & Shakers on the Hot Seat

SSI interviews executives from across the security ecosystem for high-profile monthly Q&As. Here are the subject matter experts who addressed key channel developments and provocative topics in 2018. FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Throughout the year, SSI interviews executives from across the security ecosystem for high-profile monthly Q&As that run in the magazine under the “Hot Seat” label. The online versions […]

Enhanced Video Coverage – Perfect Gift For The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, retailers enjoy increases in store traffic but for loss prevention (LP) managers increases in shoppers and temporary employees make this time of year more challenging. Through this influx of business (and beyond), the LP managers must deal with losses stemming from organized retail crime (ORC), employee theft, and shoplifting. Retail supply […]