An Oncam solutions provides an highly reliable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing method of monitoring office facilities while preventing break-ins and guaranteeing employee and sensitive data safety.

Key Challenges

Corporate Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Ensuring that Health & Safety procedures are followed at all times can be tricky, but with Oncam’s wide-angle and 360-degree technologies you can survey bigger areas in live and recorded mode, meaning no incident will be missed.

Office collaboration

Office collaboration

Look at your office layout and understand if it’s a burden to employee collaboration, by monitoring and analysing office traffic.

Intrusion prevention

Intrusion prevention

Oncam surveillance system can monitor office facilities and prevent intrusions that could result in the theft of valuable proprietary information and assets.

Food Preparation

Food Preparation

Oncam cameras can monitor activity in areas where stringent sanitary requirements are needed to meet compliance standards.

IT and data security

IT and data security

An Oncam system can remotely monitor IT equipment, hence guarantee the safety of sensitive data and information.

Reduced camera count and maintenance costs

Reduced camera count and maintenance costs

One 360-degree or wide-angle camera can often replace four traditional cameras and because Oncam’s 360-degree cameras have no moving parts, it will reduce annual maintenance costs.

“When it came to designing our camera network, nobody else we spoke to had as much expertise to offer as Oncam. They’ve worked with us at every step of the process to ensure that the system best meets our needs.”

Christopher Lacey, QA and HSE Manager


Blue Seperator

Key Products


Evolution 05 Concealed

The perfect fit for any discreet indoor ceiling installation.


  • Ultra-low profile
  • Totally concealed behind ceiling voids
  • Local dewarping

Evolution 05 Mini Indoor Night

Specifically suited for use in dark or low-light environments.


  • IR optical filter
  • IK10 vandal-proof cover
  • Wide range of accessories
Evolution Stainless Steel with HCV logo

Evolution Stainless Steel

Extreme environments, maximum resilience.


  • IP69K and IK10 rating
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • NSF and HCV EU Marks