An Oncam solution provides a robust, highly reliable and cost effective method of monitoring critical areas such as emergency rooms, psychiatric departments and restricted access areas as well as prevent break-ins and dishonest insurance claims.

Key Challenges

Safety of patients and staff

Safety of patients and staff

There is a duty of care to staff to ensure they are able to work in a safe environment and not be subject to harm.

Assisted living

Assisted living

Oncam, through its remote monitoring app, enables users to fully experience surveillance through 180 or 360-degrees, in full HD from a tablet or smartphone.

Healthcare Liability Challenge


The use of 360-degree or wide-angle recorded video can also play a valuable role in verifying the cause of an injury to a patient or staff member, as well as protecting a hospital’s reputation.

Monitoring and training

Monitoring and training

An Oncam solution can monitor activity in car parks, wards, reception areas, restricted areas (such as theatre rooms), as well as multiple floors, corridors, staircases and elevators.

Information sharing

Information sharing

Sharing of information across multiple healthcare bodies could aid in reducing the risk profile of hospitals, surgeries, pharmacies and homes for the elderly.

Healthcare Market Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health & Safety compliance is a mission critical requirement for any hospital and video surveillance has an important part to play in enabling trained staff to respond swiftly and effectively if there is an incident.

“By deploying hundreds of 360-degree cameras, Houston Airport will achieve maximized situational awareness, superior wide-area coverage with reduced blind spots, and a valuable and efficient forensic tool for critical investigations.”

Shaun Castillo, President

Preferred Technologies

Blue Seperator
Houston Airport Systems

Key Products


Evolution 05 Concealed

The perfect fit for any discreet indoor ceiling installation.


  • Ultra-low profile
  • Totally concealed behind ceiling voids
  • Local dewarping

Evolution 05 Mini Indoor

Ideal for discreet installations where aesthetics and flexibility matter most.


  • Multiple mounting possibilities
  • IK10 dome available
  • Clean and simple design
Oncam evolution 12 recessed

Evolution 12 Recessed

A nearly invisible form factor, a perfect match for retail applications.


  • Below the ceiling access
  • Discreet profile
  • Blends seamlessly into any environment