An Oncam solution provides a robust, highly reliable and cost effective method of monitoring critical production facilities as well as restricted access areas while preventing break-ins and guaranteeing employee safety.

Key Challenges

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Ensuring that Health & Safety procedures are followed at all times can be tricky, but with Oncam’s 360-degree and wide-angle technology you can survey bigger areas in live and recorded mode, meaning no incident will be missed.



The use of wide-angle and 360-degree recorded video can also play a valuable role in verifying the cause of an injury to workers or staff members, as well as protecting a site’s reputation.

Monitoring large production lines

Monitoring large production lines

An Oncam solution can monitor activity in large factories, allowing supervisors and management to keep a close eye on the factory floor.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Improve efficiency and ultimately ROI by monitoring activities and tracking how goods are handled. Use footage to conduct investigations on management or employee claims.

Contamination of restricted areas

Contamination of restricted areas

Oncam cameras can monitor activity in restricted production areas, or areas where stringent sanitary requirements are needed to meet compliance standards.

Reduced camera count and maintenance costs

Reduced camera count and maintenance costs

One wide-angle or 360-degree camera can often replace four traditional cameras and because Oncam’s 360-degree cameras have no moving parts, this will reduce annual maintenance costs.

Safeguarding food production with video surveillance

Safeguarding in the food industry

Safety and security is one of the top criteria for customer (guest) selection of hotel accommodation and, with the evolving role of the security function in the hospitality industry, security technology plays a key role in a hotel’s success. Security technology convergence has allowed the security function to come under a single management point, which could be the Chief Security Officer (CSO), the Vice President of Corporate Security or the Enterprise Risk Committee exerting unified risk oversight. Yet, hoteliers see security as an unnecessary expense or find it awkward to maintain high security standards and at the same time preserve a hotel’s hospitable and welcoming image.

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“When it came to designing our camera network, nobody else we spoke to had as much expertise to offer as Oncam. They’ve worked with us at every step of the process to ensure that the system best meets our needs.”

Christopher Lacey, QA and HSE Manager


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Key Products

Evolution Stainless Steel with HCV logo

Evolution Stainless Steel

Extreme environments, maximum resilience.


  • IP69K and IK10 rating
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • NSF and HCV EU Marks

Evolution 12 Indoor

Quick and easy installation, suitable for multiple mounting applications.


  • Clean and simple design
  • Convenient surface-mounting enclosure
  • Wide range of mounting accessories

Evolution 12 Outdoor

Designed for quick and easy outdoor installations.


  • IP66 and IK10 rating
  • Wide range of mounting accessories
  • Local dewarping

Vertical Solution Brochure

Keeping production facilities safe

Increasing productivity and monitoring manufacturing facilities while creating a safe working environment for employees is a complex task, which can be less challenging if facilities are equipped with a customised surveillance solution. Oncam’s 360-degree and wide-angle technology with advanced analytics provides an effective and efficient security solution catered to business needs.

Case Studies


IBS Mapei focuses on safety with 360-degree technology

When most people hear the term ‘CCTV’, they think of protecting property and catching criminals. In reality, the application of cameras – especially Oncam 360-degree cameras – is far wider, as manufacturer IBS-Mapei knows well.