Oncam understands the Gaming and Casino sector and can demonstrate how 360-degree and wide-angle video surveillance is critical to maintaining the integrity of gaming security operations.

Key Challenges


Oncam understand a casino has unique security challenges and must follow stringent regulations designed to maintain the integrity of gaming operations.

Getting the whole story

A 360-degree or wide-angle technology solution can make a tangible difference to a casino’s security by the retrospective tracking of an incident.

Monitoring large spaces Challenge

Monitoring large spaces

Oncam cameras are able to monitor a larger area with fewer cameras, sometimes replacing as many as a dozen traditional cameras.

Reduced camera count Challenge

Reduced camera count

Casino operators have traditionally tried to solve the problem of being everywhere at once by installing more and more cameras, one 360-degree or wide-angle camera can often replace four traditional cameras.

Evidence gathering

The result of verified surveillance is that only the threatening or fraudulent behavior is challenged, leaving others guests free to simply enjoy their visits.

Integrated technology Challenge

Integrated technology

Integrated appropriate technologies help to reduce security costs, minimize disruption of operations due to false alarms, and maintain the integrity of gaming operations.

“I use the Oncam technology as my “chase cameras”, but for me it is the ability to chase someone in the past. The 360-degree cameras literally record the history of a room or scene and aids forensic investigation.”

Ted Whiting, Director of Surveillance

MGM Resorts International

Blue Seperator
MGM Resorts

Key Products


Evolution 12 Concealed

The perfect fit for any discreet indoor ceiling installation.


  • Ultra-low profile
  • Completely concealed behind ceiling voids
  • Local dewarping

Evolution 12 Recessed

A nearly invisible form factor, a perfect match for retail applications.


  • Below the ceiling access
  • Discreet profile
  • Blends seamlessly into any environment

Evolution 05 Mini Recessed

Designed with a nearly invisible form factor, all in a mini camera.


  • Below the ceiling access
  • Discreet profile
  • Blends seamlessly into any environment

Vertical Solution Brochure

Keeping casinos and customers safe

Ensuring the safety of a constantly busy environment that never sleeps is an intricate task that casino operators must undertake. Choosing the right security system used in their casinos can prove challenging. Oncam understands that abiding by the Gambling Commission’s rules while safeguarding customers, employees and casino assets can be demanding.

Case Studies


Eagle Casino Deploys 360-Degree Surveillance Coverage to Combat Fraud, Optimize Business Operations

Soaring Eagle Casino sought out a complete security solution that would allow operators to track an individual easily in the event of an incident. Additionally, the casino wanted the ability to add analytics capabilities to streamline business operations.