Oncam understands the Logistic sector and can demonstrate how wide-angle and 360-degree video surveillance is critical to guarantee the safe and timely handling of goods in warehouses.

Key Challenges

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Ensuring that Health & Safety procedures are followed at all times can be tricky, but with Oncam’s wide-angle and 360-degree technologies you can survey bigger areas in live and recorded mode, meaning no incident will be missed.

Tracking of goods

Tracking of goods

Security is growing concern in the logistics industry due to goods are being passed from provider to provider.



The use of wide-angle or 360-degree recorded video can play a valuable role in verifying the cause of an injury to a staff member, as well as protecting from fraudulent claims.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Improve efficiency and ultimately ROI by monitoring activities and tracking how goods are handled. Use footage to conduct investigations on customer or employee claims.

Monitoring of large areas

Monitoring of large areas

An Oncam solution can monitor activity in all areas of a warehouse of any external goods handling spaces, such as loading bays or shipyards.

Reduced camera count and maintenance costs

Reduced camera count and maintenance costs

One wide-angle or 360-degree camera can often replace many traditional cameras and because Oncam’s 360-degree cameras have no moving parts this will reduce annual maintenance costs.

“The Oncam 360-degree cameras’ dewarping capability and image quality make them the best on the market today, and they’re the only ones we use.”

Nick Sergeant, Technical Manager


Blue Seperator

Key Products


Evolution 05 Mini Indoor

Ideal for discreet installations where aesthetics and flexibility matter most.


  • Multiple mounting possibilities
  • IK10 dome available
  • Clean and simple design

Evolution 12 Indoor

Quick and easy installation, suitable for multiple mounting applications.


  • Clean and simple design
  • Convenient surface-mounting enclosure
  • Wide range of mounting accessories

Evolution 12 Outdoor

Designed for quick and easy outdoor installations.


  • IP66 and IK10 rating
  • Wide range of mounting accessories
  • Local dewarping

Vertical Solution Brochure

Keeping goods and staff safe

The success of the logistics industry strongly relies on the assumption that all goods reach their destination timely, safely and undamaged. However, with an increase in organised crime, securing the secure transit of goods has become increasingly challenging. Businesses, when considering which security surveillance to integrate, must focus on a customisable solution that answers their needs and concerns. 

Case Studies


Rapid ROI and improved safety delight leading logistics company

Cost-efficient operations and employee safety are priorities for logistics and supply-chain companies. For one international logistics company, a professionally designed 360-degree technology solution is making a big contribution to achieving those aims.