Oncam specialise in video surveillance and its 360-degree and wide-angle security surveillance, combined with integrated retail technologies, is critical for loss prevention.

Key Challenges

Growth of online

Growth of online

Improved sales is just one benefit of video analytics, but there are also numerous customer service applications – which become increasingly vital as traditional stores struggle to compete with online retailers.

Adoption of new technology

Adoption of new technology

Historically, store POS, access control and video platforms all operated within their own silos, but more retailers have started to realize the benefits that can be realized by tying these disparate systems together.

Omni channel strategy

Omni channel strategy

Engaging with your customer who may wish to use multiple channels to purchase for example online, click and collect.

Customer experience

Customer experience

If customer lines increase at checkout, the system can alert managers that employees need to be assigned to this area. Video analytics also can be used to determine where a customer may need shopping assistance.

Legacy IT migration

Legacy IT migration

Unlike old analog systems which were managed and purchased by loss prevention, IT has a store technology refreshment cycle budget that is commonly used to regularly upgrade various security components.



Store operations and other personnel can now leverage surveillance footage to analyze how customers and employees behave in their stores to protect their assets.

“As somebody who has leveraged their technology in our stores it was great to see Oncam / VAS gain recognition for their partnership at this years Retail Fraud Awards”

Colin Culleton, Group Loss Prevention Manager

Next Group PLC

Blue Seperator

Key Products


Evolution 05 Mini Indoor

Ideal for discreet installations where aesthetics and flexibility matter most.


  • Multiple mounting possibilities
  • IK10 dome available
  • Clean and simple design

Evolution 05 Concealed

The perfect fit for any discreet indoor ceiling installation.


  • Ultra-low profile
  • Totally concealed behind ceiling voids
  • Local dewarping

Evolution 05 Mini Recessed

Designed with a nearly invisible form factor, all in a mini camera.


  • Below the ceiling access
  • Discreet profile
  • Blends seamlessly into any environment

Play the video below to see how you, as a Loss Prevention professional, can move away from “grudge purchases” to actually making an impact on the company’s bottom line!

Case Studies


360° technology puts Arnold Clark car dealership in the driving seat

It’s not easy to impress Robert Bryce, head of security for Europe’s largest independent car dealership. He demands and expects the highest-quality technology for his team, as they work to keep cars and customers safe across Arnold Clark.

Mouawad Cover

Oncam Secures World-renowned Luxury Jeweler Mouawad in Malaysia

Antoine Bakhache is no match when comes to spotting the nest gems and jewels. Likewise, for his business where security is paramount, he is best at recognizing the importance and value of Oncam’s high-quality 360-degree video surveillance solution

Zumre Cover

Oncam 360° technology supports business development at Zumre Gas Station

An IP technology system featuring Oncam 360° video cameras helps a Petrol Ofisi petrol station in Istanbul keep the busy forecourt safe for customers and sta . The cameras also provide vital information to help develop new services for customers.