From airports to ports to bus stations to road traffic management, Oncam has an in-depth understanding of the security issues affecting transport organisations around the world.

Key Challenges

Platform safety Challenge

Platform safety

Integrated security solutions can provide an effective and measured response to a security issue for passengers.

Customers satisfaction Challenge

Customers satisfaction

The identification of costly false alarms, which have closed down stations and ports causing inconvenience to customers and staff, brand damage and a major loss of income.

Training Transportation Challenge


Monitor the effectiveness of individuals, provide the best customer experience and track the journey of customers’ luggage.

Health & Safety Challenge

Health & Safety

Minimizing risk to customers and their experience of the transport.

Theft and incident reporting Challenge

Theft and incident reporting

Detection of security breaches and intelligently analyzed footage trigger a proportionate and measured response.

Terrorism Challenge


Cutting-edge deployment of our technology highlights the unique value of wide-angle and 360-degree technology in critical infrastructure, video-system design.

“By deploying hundreds of 360-degree cameras, Houston Airport will achieve maximized situational awareness, superior wide-area coverage with reduced blind spots, and a valuable and efficient forensic tool for critical investigations.”

Shaun Castillo, President

Preferred Technologies

Blue Seperator
Houston Airport Systems

Key Products


Evolution 05 Mini Indoor

Multiple certifications: transport, water and shock.

RJ45: EVO-05-LMD / LND
M12: EVO-05-LMM / LNM

  • IP66 and IK10 ratings
  • EN50155 / EN45545 transport certification
  • RJ45 or M12 power plug

Evolution 05 Mini Panel-Mount

Designed for narrow spaces.

RJ45: EVO-05-LCD / LDD
M12: EVO-05-LCM / LDM

  • EN50155 / EN45545 transport certification
  • RJ45 or M12 power plug
  • IK10 dome available as an accessory

Evolution 12 Outdoor

Designed for quick and easy outdoor installations.


  • IP66 and IK10 rating
  • Wide range of mounting accessories
  • Local dewarping

Vertical Solution Brochure

Keeping passengers and staff safe

The transportation industry is crucial to many cities around the world, as it helps generate economic growth, increase tourism and provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to commuting. To accomplish this, the environment shown to passengers and staff must be safe and secure, with a reliable surveillance system in place. 

Video Case Study: State Railway of Thailand protects 40 Million passengers with Oncam’s 360-degree technology

Case Studies


State Railway of Thailand uses Oncam’s 360 technology to safeguard 40 million passengers

With a population of close to 68 million people, Thailand has the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. Considering the constant influx of people each year, public transportation is a critical part of tourism, and Thailand operates one of the biggest…