Oncam Showcases Upcoming Products, Unique 360-Degree Views at IFSEC 2015

Filled to the brim with attendees, exhibitors and educational seminars at every turn, IFSEC International 2015 provided Oncam with a chance to visit with stakeholders, preview new technology and review the latest trends that the global security market has to offer. More than 30,000 people attended the three-day show, where the megapixel race took center stage as manufacturers from around the globe showcased their version of the 4K camera, omnidirectional camera offerings and ever-higher resolutions.

Oncam’s focus at this year’s show was nurturing customer relationships and introducing new people to 360-degree cameras, built-in analytics and the wide range of vertical markets that Oncam covers – retail, government, education, critical infrastructure, hotels and casinos, transportation, banking and finance, healthcare and much, much more.

The Oncam team met with customers and members of the media, showcasing their leading patented 360-degree dewarping with analytic solutions for retail. They also previewed technology that will be released in the coming months.

Oncam continued with a busy schedule by attending the NRF Protect show in Long Beach, Calif., June 24-25, where they met with retailers and discussed how the company’s products can provide retail management teams with business intelligence through analytics to help improve their bottom line. As Oncam continues to gain ground in the marketplace, the company is well-positioned to deliver superior technology, cutting-edge innovation and exceptional global customer service to the industry.

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