Oncam’s Evolution Stainless Steel Camera Wins Money-Saving Products Award

Oncam is thrilled to announce that the Evolution Stainless Steel camera has won a 2017 Money-Saving Products Award from Buildings Magazine!

The award highlights products and solutions that are budget friendly and easily improve efficiency for facility managers and building owners. The products submitted for consideration must be compatible with commercial settings, and should enhance building management through varying areas, such as space optimization or labor costs. This year, the editorial staff chose a group of 41 products from 94 submissions.

Oncam’s Evolution Stainless Steel camera combines performance, style and resilience to create a solution that is both attractive and durable. The camera is designed to withstand corrosion from elements such as high pressure water and dust, allowing its use in food processing, industrial plants and other extreme environments. The unique, detailed 360-degree imagery Oncam is known for is available with the Evolution Stainless Steel camera through a 5MP or 12MP sensor.

The Evolution Stainless Steel camera has no moving parts, which reduces annual maintenance costs, and can monitor theft and track goods.

The award win will be featured in Buildings Magazine‘s June 2017 digital and print issue, and in their online Buildings Products, a digital catalog of solutions for facility managers.

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