At Oncam, we are continually working to ensure our patented dewarping technology and unique wide-angle and 360-degree experience is integrated into as many complementary Video Management and Recording solutions as possible. The table below shows some of the key features of the Oncam camera line that our technology partners have incorporated into their products.

Please note that the information below may only apply to a specific software version within a manufacturers’ wider portfolio so please contact us, or speak directly with the VMS partner, for any platform-specific information.

Evolution 360 Range

Supported Camera: There are two main camera product lines that form the base of the Oncam product portfolio; the Evolution 05 and 05 Mini Range and the Evolution 12 Range. This feature shows which of these series the VMS partner has integrated with.

Dewarping Technology: At the core of the Oncam products is our patented dewarping technology. This allows smooth manipulation of the fisheye image directly on the client’s workstation giving the user an immersive and un-matched 360-degree video experience. This feature shows if the VMS partner has integrated the Oncam SDK dewarping solution or uses its own 3rd party dewarping algorithm. Oncam recommends the use of the Oncam SDK Client Dewarping for the Evolution Camera Ranges.

Motion Detection: This feature shows if the VMS partner supports motion detection recording when using Oncam cameras.

Evolution 180 Range

All Evolution 180 cameras are ONVIF Profile S conformant – contact Oncam Sales for an up-to-date VMS compatibility list.

Compatibility Matrix

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