Case Studies


Soaring Eagle Casino Deploys 360-Degree Surveillance Coverage to Combat Fraud, Optimize Business Operations

Soaring Eagle Casino sought out a complete security solution that would allow operators to track an individual easily in the event of an incident. Additionally, the casino wanted the ability to add analytics capabilities to streamline business operations.


State Railway of Thailand uses Oncam’s 360 technology to safeguard 40 million passengers

With a population of close to 68 million people, Thailand has the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. Considering the constant influx of people each year, public transportation is a critical part of tourism, and Thailand operates one of the biggest.

carnegie cover

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Finds Unique Use Case for 360-Degree Technology

At the Innovation Studio for the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Director Jeffrey Inscho and Creative Technologist Caroline Record are tasked with making the experience of the museums welcoming the public.


Oncam Offers Burger King Restaurants a 360-Degree Intelligent View of Operations

With Oncam’s 360-degree technology combined with EZUniverse’s 360iQ system, Devs Foods LLC are able to get real visibility into their business at anytime, from any location.


Rapid ROI and improved safety delight leading logistics company

Cost-efficient operations and employee safety are priorities for logistics and supply-chain companies. For one international logistics company, a professionally designed 360-degree technology solution is making a big contribution to achieving those aims


British School protects £1 million of IT equipment with Oncam

When a British secondary school spent £1 million on state-of-the-art IT, it wanted to minimise the risk of theft or damage to the equipment. The solution to protecting its investment was simple: a ceiling-mounted Oncam 360 camera in each IT classroom.


360° technology puts Arnold Clark car dealership in the driving seat

It’s not easy to impress Robert Bryce, head of security for Europe’s largest independent car dealership. He demands and expects the highest-quality technology for his team, as they work to keep cars and customers safe across Arnold Clark.

Mouawad Cover

Oncam Secures World-renowned Luxury Jeweler Mouawad in Malaysia

Antoine Bakhache is no match when comes to spotting the best gems and jewels. Likewise, for his business where security is paramount, he is best at recognizing the importance and value of Oncam’s high-quality 360-degree video surveillance solution

Zumre Cover

Oncam 360° technology supports business development at Zumre Gas Station

An IP technology system featuring Oncam 360° video cameras helps a Petrol Ofisi petrol station in Istanbul keep the busy forecourt safe for customers and staff. The cameras also provide vital information to help develop new services for customers.


Leeds Beckett University – with complete coverage, UK university doesn’t miss a trick

With open access to the public as well as its 31,000 students and staff, Leeds Beckett University’s city campus is always a hive of activity. In such a busy environment, the security team has its work cut out to ensure safety and reduce theft.


IBS Mapei focuses on safety with 360-degree technology

When most people hear the term ‘CCTV’, they think of protecting property and catching criminals. In reality, the application of cameras – especially Oncam 360-degree cameras – is far wider, as manufacturer IBS-Mapei knows well.

Banking & Finance

VyStar Credit Union Boosts Theft and Fraud Protection with Robust 360-Degree Video Technology

Financial institutions like VyStar face a number of challenges on a day-to-day basis, requiring innovative technology that boosts efficiencies, reduces fraud and enhances service for customers.

Corporate Security

Oncam Video Technology Secures Busy Delhi-based Indian Habitat Centre Campus

Security is paramount for this forward-thinking campus who is host to multiple established companies and high-level events.

Corporate Security

Oncam Secures 60-acre Siidcul Business Park and Improves Operational Efficiency

Reducing deployment costs, improving operational efficiency and eliminate the human error element was high on the list of requirements for this forward-thinking business park.

White Papers

Panoramic optimization using specialist 180-degree wall mounted cameras

Panoramic and fisheye cameras have become a “must have” tool in many different industry segments including retail, gaming and transportation. Their ability to monitor large areas gives a unique and unparalleled view, but also allows additional information to be gathered. For example, the flow of people and traffic can easily be seen, which could provide an insight into additional revenue opportunities or highlight areas of improvement for customer safety.

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Understanding the Security Technology Needs of the Hotel Sector

Safety and security is one of the top criteria for customer (guest) selection of hotel accommodation and, with the evolving role of the security function in the hospitality industry, security technology plays a key role in a hotel’s success. Security technology convergence has allowed the security function to come under a single management point, which could be the Chief Security Officer (CSO), the Vice President of Corporate Security or the Enterprise Risk Committee exerting unified risk oversight. Yet, hoteliers see security as an unnecessary expense or find it awkward to maintain high security standards and at the same time preserve a hotel’s hospitable and welcoming image.

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Safeguarding in the food industry

Safeguarding food production with video surveillance

Meeting the highest levels of food safety

Compliance and regulations drive the food safety process and one of the main challenges for the industry is how to efficiently meet these requirements without compromising quality. The question then becomes: How can the process be secured to maintain production schedules, and deliver high-quality items to the consumer? This white paper by Oncam explores the different aspects of food safety and defence in the production, manufacturing and catering environments. It also offers practical guidance to the types of food certification available making safety equipment compliant and what to look out for.

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Education and 360° Surveillance

How Panoramic Coverage Can Benefit Today’s Campuses

Today’s educational campuses face a growing number of threats to the safety and security of students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public. Explore some of the unique ways that 360-degree video surveillance can benefit K-12 and higher education campuses to deter, prevent and investigate threats and improve safety.

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