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Arnold Clark Chooses Oncam 360-Degree Technology

Oncam, the security division of Oncam Technologies, has been selected by Pelco by Schneider Electric and its integrator, Assure Alarms, to supply 360-degree camera technology across Arnold Clark’s 200 U.K. showrooms.

The system was trialed for six months and now, Robert Bryce, the head of security for the car dealership, plans to continue using the leading 360-degree surveillance solution for both interior and outdoor locations.

“We like the system,” he says. “It’s more user-friendly, discreet, and easier to maintain than any other camera we’ve seen. Oncam has a good product and good service, and we’re very happy with the combination,” he added.

Bryce was attracted by the smooth integration process, the camera’s discreet design and its return on investment — one Oncam camera provides the same coverage as three or four fixed cameras — which reduces running costs and simplifies the overall infrastructure that Assure Alarms must maintain.

Other plusses Bryce mentioned include:

  • The camera’s pan-tilt-zoom software, which allows security to track people without losing overall awareness of the site;
  • Oncam’s commitment to service; it designed a customized housing to keep the cameras safe from the Scottish climate;
  • The camera’s lack of moving parts requires less maintenance than a conventional camera;
  • The elimination of blind spots, the ability to track movement and the camera’s picture quality.

“We know there is a 12-megapixel version of the Evolution 360 camera being brought out soon and that will let us zoom in even more than we can now without losing image quality,” Bryce says.

He will also take advantage of a recent addition to the Oncam family, the Evo-mini, for his smaller areas, such as key rooms. “Since most cars are stolen during the day, keeping better track of the removal and return of car keys will be a significant advantage in identifying a suspect if a car is stolen,” he says.



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