What About Tomorrow? How Standards Help Drive Innovation

Jon Marsh

By Jon Marsh, VP Product, Oncam Interoperability has long been the gold standard for niche camera manufacturers aiming to provide a complementary solution to deliver additional value for customers. The standards set forth specifically by ONVIF help drive these manufacturers to streamline engineering toward the focus of adding options for end users, with a special […]

What Should Be The Security Industry’s ‘New Year’s Resolution?’

In this interview with SecurityInformed, Simon Pearson, VP Commercial, explores what the Security Industry’s ‘New Year’s Resolution’ should be. “For camera manufacturers in particular, the first New Year’s resolution that should be implemented is adopting a renewed focus on technology innovation. As the latest advancements, such as artificial intelligence and 5G, really take hold in […]

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Camera Manufacturers

By Simon Pearson, VP Commercial, Oncam The New Year is officially here, which commonly signifies a fresh start for many, as the flip of the calendar represents a clean slate for opportunities and growth. Along with this idea comes a trend that can help propel change and encourage positive habits: New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’ve […]

Strategic Partnerships Are the Way Forward in a Crowded Security Market

Therese Hume, Strategic Partner Director at Oncam discusses the number of ways to bring a product into the security market, including direct sales, integrator and dealer networks, OEM relationships, technology partners, and the list goes on. At times, it might seem like the market is a bit crowded, challenging the way today’s manufacturers do business […]

Reaching the Loss Prevention Managers: What to Consider Going Into the Holiday Season

It’s not a secret: video surveillance is critical for retailers. Whether it’s used for deterrence (which studies have shown the simple presence of a camera can help thwart would-be shoplifters) or in the event of an incident for investigative purposes, video provides a number of benefits for loss prevention (LP) leaders. And this is especially […]

How Advanced Surveillance Can Make Our Cities Safer

Article by Abhishek Kumar, Regional Director, South Asia, ONVU Technologies Giant skyscrapers, ultramodern designs, futuristic technologies, drones, automated cars, and a smart home that speaks as well – the horses simply start running free as soon as the idea of a ‘smart city’ even remotely crosses our mind. This is, perhaps, how our hi-tech bases […]

What Are The Challenges Of Protecting Large Campuses?

cyber security

In this interview with SecurityInformed, Jon Marsh, VP Product, discuses the challenges of large campuses and how 360- and 180-degree cameras can have a positive impact on surveillance solutions. “For hospitals, educational and any other large campuses, one of the biggest security challenges is the sheer amount of space that officials must monitor at all […]

Organizational Change: 5 Steps to Success

In the physical security market – and just about every other industry – change is inevitable. It can take the form of the addition of innovative technology, those buzzwords that are thrown around, or in the development of new ways to add value for customers. Change is apparent in everything we do, so it is […]