The Benefits of
180-degree technology

Panorama perfection with Panoramic+ views

The unique lens placement of the Evolution 180 range maximises the horizontal use of the image sensor to provide more pixels on target compared with traditional 360-degree derived wide angle views. This results in dewarped Panoramic images up to 3840×1536 in resolution (6MP).

In addition to the high resolution Panoramic+ image, further advance image enhancement features are available:

Scene Offset: The image can be electronically adjusted to tilt the panorama and focus the image on what really matters in the scene

Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology (ACT): The multiple mounting angle options provided with the Evolution 180 product range allow different and innovative Panoramic views. When tilting the image, ACT corrects the view,  straightening vertical lines in the scene.

The Evolution 360 and the Evolution 180 ranges are complementary. The two ranges are designed to address different needs: 360-degree cameras are best used in ceiling mode to monitor large spaces, while 180-degree cameras are optimised for wall mount applications, where the user wants to have better view of passing traffic and possibly look at faces. 

Technology Benefits:

  • Panoramic+ coverage with no blind spots;
  • Angle Compensation Technology;
  • True Day/Night;
  • Efficient bandwidth usage as Panoramic+ image is generated in the camera.



Just a few years ago, Panoramic and Fisheye cameras were a novelty, but today this technology has taken the leap to the mainstream. It now forms an integral part of a surveillance solution providing total situational awareness and retrospective investigation capabilities, not possible with traditional cameras. Download our white paper to get a deep dive into single-sensor Fisheye panoramic imaging.

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ONVIF Profile S Conformant

ONVIF is an open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products. The ONVIF specification will ensure interoperability between products regardless of manufacturer.

Oncam is proud to be a Contributing Member of the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). Our range of 360-degree and wide angle cameras are all ONVIF Profile S conformant and will integrate with third-party products that comply with the ONVIF Profile S specifications.

ONVIF Profile S Conformant


180 indoor surveillance

Indoor cameras

Mounting accessories included

  • Unique form factor
  • Panoramic+ images
  • 6MP dewarped panorama view
180 outdoor surveillance

Outdoor cameras

Robust panoramic perfection

  • Unique form factor
  • 6MP Panoramic+ image
  • IP69K / IK10+ rated


OnVu360 Mobile App

ONVU360 Pro Mobile App

Oncam’s dewarping at your fingertip

  • Surveillance through 360 and 180 degrees
  • Full HD and in the palm of your hand.
  • Free download for iOS and Android
360-degree Camera Viewer

Oncam 360-degree Camera Viewer

Monitor and dewarp all your cameras

  • View live and recorded videos
  • Built-in dewarp functionality
  • Various screen layouts
Camera Configuration Tool

Camera Configuration Tool

Manage your cameras in one place

  • Control and configure all cameras
  • Seamless usability
  • Easy to use user interface.