Evolution 05 Concealed

This camera can see you without being seen

The Evolution 05 Indoor Concealed camera has a 5MP sensor and no moving parts. It is designed for quick and easy installations indoors where a professional light weight enclosure that can be completely concealed behind ceiling or wall voids is required. The camera offers an ultra-low profile and fully supports Power-over-Ethernet standard for installation convenience.

With its very versatile design, The Evolution 05 Indoor Concealed camera is a perfect fit for any discreet ceiling, wall or table mounted applications.

EVO-05-NCD (includes White & Black trim cover)

Evolution 05 Concealed


5MP Sensor

5MP Sensor

The camera uses a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, which offers detailed and crisp 360-degree images.


Up to 30fps

A video stream of up to 30fps can be obtained at a resolution of 1MP and ¼ MP, providing super smooth video movements while maintaining high-quality images.



Up to 3 simultaneous video streams can be generated in H.264 and MJPEG format.

sd memory

Edge recording

A SD card slot is available in the camera to allow for local event recording.



Extensive VMS and NVR platform integration available via the Oncam SDK.

Quick Installation & Ultra Low Profile

Ultra low profile

This camera can be completely concealed behind ceilings or wall voids making it nearly invisible.


  • Firmware (1.9.16)

    Zip file includes the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide. Please check compatibility with your VMS provider before upgrading