Evolution 12 Recessed

Now you see it. Now you don’t.

Blending seamlessly into any environment, the Evolution 12 Recessed camera is designed to offer the same 360-degree coverage, ease of installation and visual impact with a nearly invisible form factor. The camera offers simultaneous multiple video streams with resolutions from 544×512 to 3200×3000 and offers up to 4x1MP VCams via on board dewarping.

The Evolution 12 Recessed can be accessed entirely below the ceiling line, making it extremely easy to install and maintain. The visible part of the camera has a discreet profile, and can be customised to match any color, making it possible to provide quality, unobstructed images without overshadowing elements of interior design in retail stores, hotels, casinos, banks and other applications.

EVO-12-NRD (White) / EVO-12-NSD (Black)

Oncam evolution 12 recessed


12 mp

12MP sensor

The camera uses an 12 megapixel Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, which offers highly detailed and super crisp 360-degree images.


Up to 30fps

A video stream of up to 30fps can be obtained at a resolution of 2MP, providing super smooth video movements while maintaining high-resolution images.

UL2043 Plenum Rated

UL2043 Plenum Rated

Suitable for installation in air handling / plenum spaces.

sd memory

Edge recording

A SD card slot is available in the camera to allow for local event recording.

Quick Installation & Ultra Low Profile

Quick Installation &
Ultra Low Profile

This camera can be completely recessed into ceiling voids, and installation can be fully completed from below the ceiling line.



Extensive VMS and NVR platform integration available via the Oncam SDK.


  • Firmware (1.4.96-601)
    Zip file includes the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide. Please check compatibility with your VMS provider before upgrading. If upgrading from v1.0.45, please ensure you read the release notes.