Evolution 05 ExD

World’s first ExD certified 360-degree explosion proof camera

This camera has been designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, harsh and hazardous environmental conditions. The camera housing is manufactured completely from Stainless Steel 316L which is ideally suited for use within the offshore and onshore environments.

ATEX approved dome for Zone 1/21 and 2/22 use.

• Indoor
EVO-05-EIP (PoE)

• Outdoor
EVO-05-EOA (PoE / 115V)
EVO-05-EOE (PoE / 230V)

• Extreme Outdoor
EVO-05-ESA (PoE / 115V / single-mode fibre)
EVO-05-ESE (PoE / 230V / single-mode fibre)
EVO-05-EMA (PoE / 115V / multi-mode fibre)
EVO-05-EME (PoE / 230V / multi-mode fibre)

Evolution 05 ExD


5MP Sensor

5MP sensor

The camera uses a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, which offers detailed and crisp 360-degree images.


Up to 30fps

A video stream of up to 30fps can be obtained at a resolution of 1MP and ¼ MP, providing super smooth video movements while maintaining high-quality images.

ATEX approved

Designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, harsh and hazardous environmental conditions, ideally suited for applications in offshore and onshore environments.

Indoor, Outdoor, Extreme Outdoor

Indoor, Outdoor, Extreme Outdoor

7 different models allows the user to find the perfect match for Indoor (PoE), Outdoor (PoE/115VAC/230VAC) and Extreme Outdoor (with fibre converter).



Up to 3 simultaneous video streams can be generated in H.264 and MJPEG format.

sd memory

Edge recording

A SD card slot is available in the camera to allow for local event recording.


  • Firmware (1.9.16)
    Zip file includes the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide. Please check compatibility with your VMS provider before upgrading