Evolution 05 Mini Panel-Mount

Your transportation companion…

With a diameter of only 108mm (4,25”) and a very slim profile, the Evolution 05 Mini Indoor Panel-Mount camera is designed for quick and easy installations in narrow spaces, anywhere a professional light weight camera is required. It has the EN50155/EN45545 transport certification and comes with either a RJ45 or M12 power plug.

Available in white or black, it is the ideal solution for markets where discreet installation is required or aesthetics matters.

An IK10 vandal-proof dome cover is available as an accessory (OBE-15-IWA / OBE-15-IBA).

EVO-05-LCD (White / RJ45) / EVO-05-LCM (White / M12)
EVO-05-LDD (Black / RJ45) / EVO-05-LDM (Black / M12)

Oncam Evolution 05 Mini Panel-Mount


5MP Sensor

5MP Sensor

The camera uses a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, which offers detailed and crisp 360-degree images.


Up to 30fps

A video stream of up to 30fps can be obtained at a resolution of 1MP and ¼ MP, providing super smooth video movements while maintaining high-quality images.

Transport certification

Transport certification

The camera has EN50155 / EN45545 transport certification against shock and vibration in moving vehicles.

Edge Recording

Edge recording

A MicroSD card slot is available in the camera to allow for local event recording.



Extensive VMS and NVR platform integration available via the Oncam SDK.



Up to 3 simultaneous video streams can be generated in H.264 and MJPEG format.


  • Firmware (1.9.18L)
    Zip file includes the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide. Please check compatibility with your VMS provider before upgrading