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A 360-degree camera can do much more than surveilling a scene, when paired with smart solutions: it can provide the essential data to perform differen types actionable tasks. 

Oncam has partnered with Industry Experts to go beyond video and equip end users with the right set of tools to observe, analyse and understand the environment they operate in. 


Please note that the solutions presented below may only apply to a specific region or might be compatible to specific NVR / VMS.  Please contact your Oncam sales representative for any detailed information. 

ONVU Learning

Improving teaching and learning with LessonVU

Lesson observation systems are seen as having positive effects on teaching and learning outcomes. They help teachers in self-appraisal, career development and coaching and can enhance communication and discussion with school stakeholders and ultimately improve interaction with students. Traditional systems, however, are often perceived as intrusive, not about the student learning outcomes, and very time consuming to set up and use.

The Solution

An Oncam concealed camera is paired with a microphone and a room capture server to create LessonVU, a discreet system able to observe all of the classroom situation and therefore facilitate the different methods of classroom observation. 

The system is secured and scalable, making it ideal to use in one or a group of schools. 

The Benefits

The system is flexible and can support and respond to the Lesson Observation framework chosen by schools.  Teachers are guaranteed complete teacher authonomy as well as having the ability to review and discuss aspect of a lesson as though live, jumping to pertinent aspects that needs reviewing or simply archive video content.  

Teacher development is supported thanks to ongoing research and assistance from Academic Professionals. 


Click here to visit ONVU Learning's website <

"I’m able to teach a lesson, share the footage with my coach, Sean, and then discuss the occurrences and appropriate next steps to enhance my teaching and interactions with students. I’m convinced that this is the future of professional development in education"

Rachael Rivers, Year 1 Teacher

Shavington Primary School

Shavington Primary School


Going beyond video to bring your complete retail picture at your fingertip

Video surveillance in retail environments has gone far beyond the traditional monitoring of store activities. Thanks to the integration with powerful analytics tools, it is finally possible to get unprecedented levels of customer behaviour monitoring with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on a store bottom line.

The Solution

Oncam and VAS have partnered to create a powerful, yet user friendly analytics platform. The platform can leverage Oncam's high quality images and VAS analytics tools to create a solution that allows store managers and staff to sercurely log in and view live or recorded images. Users can also monitor customer behaviour, and provide details on store traffic. 

The Benefits

Oncam and VAS' solution has the ability to provide users with tools to enable fast, informed and smart decisions.

The platform can be used by different stakeholders. from security managers, to marketing and visual merchandise, reail operations, risk management, and workfore management. Analysing flows in your store can generate powerful insights on store dynamics and help users create reports to improve store operations, cut unnecessary costs, and ultimately increase sales.


Click here to visit VAS website <

"As somebody who has leveraged their technology in our stores it was great to see Oncam / VAS gain recognition for their partnership at this years Retail Fraud Awards"

Colin Culleton, Group Loss Prevention Manager

Next Group PLC

Next Group PLC


The future of store management for quick-serve restaurants

Managing multi-site businesses such as retail stores and quick-service restaurants (QSR) involves a multitude of challenges, from high staff turnover to employee theft to excessive (and often unexplained) cost overruns. The success of any business owner who operates locations across a city or throughout a region is at the mercy of what happens at each individual store. The worst of it may be what the owner doesn’t know about, what isn’t measured, and/or what happens out of sight.

The Solution

EZUniverse's 360iQ system utilize Oncam's 360-degree video to provide a simple, but powerful solution, coordinating all critical data into a single, easy-to-use application. By integrating POS data, you can get visibility into your business anywhere, anytime using dashboard views of immediate store performance data, critical time alerts and access to all real-time and archived video. 

The Benefits

There are many benefits to the system, but at the top of the list is the comprehensive POS integration which allows the system to collect every transaction or event at store level, aggregate this data in the cloud, and apply intelligent business rules and analytics for the entire enterprise. The resulting application is a powerful alert-driven management system that is built to pinpoint losses quickly and efficiently, zeroing in on any transaction or event with video, and provide proactive enterprise big-data analysis for Loss Prevention, Labour Management, and Operational issues. 


Click here to visit EZUniverse website <

"With the 360-degree video coverage, we can see what is happening. With analog video, it’s not as clear. "

SUBWAY® Multi-Unit Owner


Seamless camera integration

The Engineering team at Oncam is constantly at work to ensure our patented dewarping technology is integrated into as many Video Management and Recording solutions as possible. Testing is conducted on our 5 and 12MP cameras, with the ultimate goal to guarantee a seamless experience to our users.

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