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OnCampus: For the Sake of Campus Security

We have a unique invitation for you. Beginning this year, we are embarking on a countrywide, educational journey that is exclusively dedicated to the ongoing discussion on the evolution, improvement and future of physical security in the K-12 and higher education markets. As a company, we feel that education campuses are the most important places to keep safe, as these campuses are where our youth grow intellectually. With these precious, often open environments experiencing more and more threats of violence, we are long overdue on a serious discussion and course of action to find secure solutions. For this reason, we are sponsoring this unique campaign to provide a platform for this dialogue about solutions for securing our nation’s educational campuses.

“OnCampus” is a series of education seminars consisting of education market end users, thought leaders, integrators and technology partners that will start in the Boston area, and continue in Chicago and the Bay area over the coming months. Each location will include two discussion components:

Theme 1: The evolving physical threat challenges that education end-users face in today’s campus environment.

Theme 2: What technology partners can bring to educational campuses in terms of integrated solutions and how these strategic partnerships can leverage the latest in video cameras, analytics and other surveillance technology to serve the collective good, keeping our youth, first responders and staff safe from danger.

Each event encourages attendees to network with colleagues and participate in the technology demonstration of Oncam’s 360-degree surveillance camera and analytics technology.

The Boston seminar, co-sponsored by Genetec™, takes place on March 22, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge. Boston attendees can look forward to the following panelists with sessions being moderated by Martha Entwistle, Editor of Security Systems News:

  • Thomas W. Komola, Manager, Security & Emergency Management Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • John Silva, Director of Safety and Security, Cambridge Public Schools
  • Brad Baker, CISSP, CPP, PSP President, FTG Security
  • Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President, Americas, Oncam
  • Jake Hauzen, Education RSM, Genetec

Are you ready to embark on this journey with us? For more information and to register for this education seminar, visit the OnCampus Web page here.

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