Unique Use Cases for Wide-Angle Surveillance Technology

It’s safe to say that surveillance cameras are in high demand for security in today’s day and age, becoming more of a necessity for organizations to ensure the protection of their people and assets. This demand is being felt in industries around the world, and while you’ll typically see cameras in large common areas such […]

The Top 3 Ways 5G Will Affect Video Technology

There are typically just a handful of truly monumental, game-changing moments that we’re lucky enough to witness take place in the world of technology, and we’re fortunate to be on the cusp of one right now. We’re only moments away from the widespread introduction of fifth generation (5G) mobile technology, which is set to completely […]

Ensuring Optimal Video Storage and Bandwidth with Advanced Compression Technology

advanced compressed technology

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of organizations leveraging reliable, high-quality surveillance imagery to ensure that the footage they capture on a daily basis can be used to the best of its ability to achieve security goals. We mentioned how lighting, exposure and frame rate contribute to this level of effectiveness, and these […]

The Importance of Reliable, High-quality Surveillance Imagery

the importance of high quality surveillance cameras

You’ve likely heard us preach time and time again about the importance of leveraging an innovative video surveillance system to enhance security and situational awareness in a variety of markets. But what we don’t talk about enough is the cameras themselves; sure, we’ve described the benefits of 180- and 360-degree views and the different form […]

Product Spotlight: Evolution 05 Mini Cameras

For the second edition of our “Product Spotlight” blog series, we’re going small — but only when it comes to size, not innovation. In some cases in the security industry, small is better: there are many vertical markets and applications where a discreet (but aesthetically pleasing and powerful) device is necessary. Oncam’s Evolution 05 Mini […]

Product Spotlight: Evolution 180 Cameras

As the first edition in our new “Product Spotlight” blog series, there may be no better candidate to feature than Oncam’s Evolution 180 camera range. Since the moment we added the product line to our portfolio last year, you’ve likely heard us talk about the importance of this technology and the value it brings to […]

Hospitality Security Blog Series – Part 4

Unobtrusive surveillance

As we’ve reached the fourth and final part in our hospitality security blog series, let’s take a few minutes to recap what we’ve discussed so far. Part one set the stage for this market, explaining the threats hotels face that contribute to their need for comprehensive security strategies. In part two, we outlined the benefits of intelligent, integrated […]

Corporate and Commercial Security: How Panoramic Surveillance Keeps Employees and Assets Safe

Years ago, securing a business office or corporate campus may have only meant locking the building’s doors overnight to keep intruders out. But the times have certainly changed, and today’s evolving and increasingly significant risks facing these facilities have made it paramount for security personnel to prioritize protecting employees and assets with a comprehensive and […]

Looking Ahead to 2019: Major Trends in the Security Industry

Security Industry 2019 trends

It’s important each year for businesses to look back on the last 12 months and determine what went well, what didn’t go so well and where improvements can be made, as well as review the goals set at the beginning of the year to see where they stand. But looking forward is a critical element […]

Top 4 Advantages of Panoramic Surveillance in the Banking Industry

As technology advances at an incredibly fast pace, financial institutions are provided with a multitude of opportunities for growth — but they’re also faced with various new challenges and risks. Criminals around the world are undoubtedly becoming more sophisticated as they turn to new methods to bypass safety measures and steal hard-earned funds, which can […]