Keeping Cities Safe: Video Coverage is the Key Component

surveillance for safe cities

As the security risks facing our society continue to grow across the world, one common target typically stands out as being inherently challenging to comprehensively secure: cities. Being that they are made up of many different spaces — parks, office buildings, streets — and numerous stakeholders, such as public, private and government entities, cities present a complicated […]

Protecting Industry: Keeping Facilities, Goods and Employees Safe

surveillance solutions industrial sector

The effective production and transportation of goods and services is critical to the survival of our economy, making facilities in this industry extremely valuable and yet rather vulnerable targets for crime and vandalism. With many moving parts and challenges to consider, these establishments must turn to advanced security solutions that enhance safety, compliance and business […]

Oncam is a finalist at Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2018

2019 Security & Fire Excellence Awards

Now in their nineteenth year, Security & Fire Excellence Awards has consistently broken new ground in highlighting the very best people, projects and processes that the Security and Fire sectors have to offer. Oncam is honoured and extremely proud to announce that we have been nominated as a finalist for the Security Hardware Manufacturer of the Year […]

Securing the Classroom with Artificial Intelligence

As K-12 and college students start to file back into classrooms and begin another school year, there’s no doubt that safety and security are at the top of the minds of all stakeholders in the education market. The latest high-profile tragedies in schools across the US cannot be ignored, demanding a concerted effort toward comprehensively […]

Security Manufacturer Size: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

In 1973, a brilliant economist named E.F. Schumacher wrote a seminal book titled “Small is Beautiful” about the advantages of smaller companies and smaller scales of production. In an age where the common wisdom is to scale up to be more efficient and profitable, it’s interesting to pause and think about some of the possible […]

Hospitality Security Blog Series – Part 3

In parts one and two of this series, we presented an overview of the hospitality security industry; we explained its background and threat landscape, then described the benefits of using surveillance and video intelligence technologies as security solutions in this field. In part three, we’ll summarize the first half of a study commissioned by Oncam that […]

That’s a Wrap: IFSEC 2018 Proves Successful for Oncam

Another IFSEC International conference is in the books, and as we reflect on what was an incredible show, we’d first like to thank you all so much for visiting with Oncam at the Milestone Systems booth! The three-day event at ExCeL London brought engaging conversations, innovative technology demonstrations and insightful educational takeaways, and we’re thrilled to […]

What to Expect from Oncam at IFSEC International 2018

The time has come again for another engaging and educational trade show! Oncam is looking forward to attending IFSEC International 2018 June 19-21 at ExCeL London. Europe’s leading security event brings together more than 27,000 global security professionals with more than 600 exhibitors eager to share ideas, discover best practices and display robust technology solutions. Oncam […]

Getting the Complete Picture on Retail Loss Prevention

Video surveillance has long been a crucial tool for loss prevention; security cameras work as both a physical deterrent and investigative tool that can enhance overall security and ensure risk mitigation. But as internal and external crime has become more sophisticated and threats have evolved over the years, it’s become clear that retailers need more […]

Augmented Reality: The Real Deal in Security

While most of us are now familiar with and may have even experienced the fun and excitement of virtual reality (VR), there’s a newer, similar technology with a less immersive experience that may soon start impacting our everyday lives: augmented reality (AR). Defined as “an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to […]