SME Business Magazine Article: It’s all about the experience…

By Richard Morgans, CMO, ONVU Technologies As consumers we have voted with our feet and chosen experiences that pamper us, that treat us as individuals and make us feel special. A Google Trends search for ‘immersive theatre’ shows that the term is currently at its most popular, on a steady upward trend. Whilst ‘personal shopper’ […]

Securing Critical Infrastructure Sites with Panoramic Surveillance

The necessity of the comprehensive and reliable protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure sites can never be overstated; although we may not think about it often, these facilities provide us with the essential products and services we use on a day-to-day basis, such as power, water and heat. And with today’s evolving threat landscape and […]

The Design ideas behind the new Evolution 180 Outdoor

When we first introduced the Evolution 180 Indoor camera, we talked about the purpose behind developing 180-degree technology, specifically designed for applications that require a dewarped panoramic view of a scene from a single-sensor camera. Now, we’ve taken that same innovative technology and applied it to the new Evolution 180 Outdoor camera, meeting the needs of end users in a variety of […]

Top 4 Ways to See Oncam at ISC West 2018

Every year, the beginning of spring brings warmer temperatures and blossoming flowers, but the end of March and the month of April will always mean something more for those in the security industry: another ISC West under the shining lights of Las Vegas. Oncam is excited to be a part of this year’s conference — the largest security […]

4 Security Challenges Casinos Face (and 1 Solution)

A casino is often a lively, busy atmosphere, filled with excited and hopeful gamblers looking to win big. For your average player, a trip to the local gambling establishment may consist of nothing more than placing bets and partaking in mixed drinks, but behind the scenes, security officials are working hard to address the challenging […]

Hospitality Security Blog Series – Part 2

hospitality sector

In part one of this blog series, we examined the background behind hospitality security and the expanding threat landscape that contributes to the need for stringent yet creative security strategies. We highlighted video surveillance and video intelligence technologies as viable solutions, and in part two of this series, we’ll dig deeper into their extensive benefits and […]

Oncam Introduces the Evolution 180 Product Range: Why?

As video cameras and surveillance technology have changed and developed over the years, so too have the needs of customers aiming to achieve a robust and comprehensive security system. From a stationary pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to advanced and innovative panoramic imaging, end users want to find the right kind of security camera that can enhance […]

Monitoring Animal Welfare in the Food Processing Industry

We’ve already discussed in detail the challenges the food processing industry faces when it comes to compliance and safety. Constant changes to production practices and unregulated systems for proper training on food handling are just a few of the many difficulties that drive the necessity for stronger internal processes and diversified technology systems, such as video […]

5 Ways to Prevent Fraud and Theft this Holiday Season

Prevent Fraud and Theft this Holiday Season

The closer we move to the end of the year, the busier the retail industry becomes. The holiday shopping season is notoriously hectic in the months of November and December, bringing not only long checkout lines and full parking lots, but also an increased risk for fraud and theft to retailers. LP professionals must spend […]

How are businesses using AR and smart video to transform your shopping experience?

AR smart shopping

The big data revolution is here – now every business, regardless of size, can gather vast quantities of anonymised data. This can then be used to gain valuable insight on shopper habits and in-store preferences, which in turn helps the business improve the in-store experience. Faced with an ocean of big data, businesses not only […]