How is the Cloud Affecting Video Surveillance

A few years ago, most video surveillance storage predictions included the increasing use of the cloud, a far-off and slightly overwhelming concept at the time. Now, the cloud is part of most conversations, and cloud-based technology is transforming not only the security industry, but also most organizations. The prevalence of the cloud has stemmed mostly […]

New Dewarping and Visualization Tools Augment Oncam’s Web site

Oncam has added two new functionalities to its website in an effort to enhance the user experience and drive interaction. The first of their kind in the security industry, these tools allow potential customers to explore how the cameras work right through their computer screens. Claudia Barosso, Product Marketing Manager, Oncam; Therese Hume, Digital & […]

The 411 on Call Center Security

As call center operators work with customers to solve issues and answer questions, they come into contact with a considerable amount of sensitive data. Social security numbers, credit card information and passwords are typically exchanged over the phone, turning a call center into a hotspot for threats and breaches. We often hear about attacks on […]

Hospitality Security: The Value of Intelligent Solutions – Part 1

Over the next few months, we’ll explore the challenges today’s hotel sector faces and how technology is used to address those needs. In part one of this series, we’ll provide an overview of the hotel security industry: the background, expanding threat landscape and use of video surveillance technologies as a viable security solution. As the […]

Securing the Network: Cybersecurity and Surveillance Feeds

Surveillance and security systems can be crucial when it comes to protecting an organization’s private and sensitive information. New networked physical security systems are rapidly being adopted to enhance effectiveness and operational efficiency. These systems are a smart investment, but they also bring with them an increased potential for malicious activity if the network and […]

Six Ways to Transform Your Campus Safety and Security Plan

Educational facilities are unique in the security market. While the goal of keeping students, teachers and staff safe is paramount, dwindling budgets, aging infrastructure and increasing threats can be a challenge for school officials. Cutting-edge technology, such as 360-degree surveillance camera technology and analytics software, is making it easier for officials to upgrade older systems […]

2017 resolutions for business

Being in business means being in competition and in 2017 that will be truer than ever. Here are 5 things we here at Oncam feel that you need to keep in mind for 2017 to stay ahead of the curve… 1. Embrace new technologies – One of the key ways that businesses can remain competitive is […]

Protecting Outdoor Spaces

Take a moment to envision a typical day in a park. There is a vast open grassy area with people throwing frisbees for pets, reading books and having picnics. Nearby, children are playing on jungle gyms and joggers are weaving through trails. To most people this is a serene and relaxing setting, but to security […]

The Holidays, Retailers and Retail Supply Chains: Seeing Behind the Scenes in 360 degrees

As the holiday season ramps up in the coming weeks, loss prevention managers need measures that extend far beyond the retail floor. They must deal with losses stemming from organized retail crime, employee theft and shoplifting, and as a result, more and more security solutions are incorporated into back storerooms, loading docks and employee areas. […]

Banking on 360-Degrees

Security and safety are important issues to every one of us, but never is this more important than when it comes to our money and finances. The banking and finance industry faces unique challenges when it comes to surveillance. Security issues such as theft and fraud are real threats that affect customers, employees and the […]