Drone Surveillance: A New Perspective on Safety and Security

At the end of June this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) implemented significant changes to the regulations and rules of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or more commonly referred to as “drones.” This regulatory review was of particular interest to Oncam as they explore the opportunity to provide 360-degree cameras to drone manufacturers for additional […]

A 360-degree Look at Fisheye Cameras

This is an exciting time in the surveillance industry. The growth and advancements available in technology offer security opportunities that historically have not been possible. Whereas businesses and companies once had to rely on traditional cameras to capture sometimes primitive and unreliable images, they now have the option to acquire a more detailed and broader […]

Video Surveillance and the Cloud

The need for advanced video surveillance, and the advancements in technology within this arena have been steadily increasing over the last several years. Having a broader and all-encompassing view allows companies of varying sizes, from a variety of vertical markets, to develop overall situational awareness that aids officials in recognizing and addressing threats to safety […]

The Future of the Hospitality Sector – Personalisation

The hospitality sector is being disrupted in a number of ways for all players – from start-ups to boutique hotels. Innovation is also coming from established companies who are preparing for and reacting to disruption. And as with all industries, technology is at the centre of big changes. Recent research outlines 92 per cent of […]

Developing High Performance with live classroom analytics

The use of video surveillance and data analytics to measure business activity and performance is growing across most industries. From judging the potential of a new sports signing or analysing the customer path around a retail store or notifying security about a potential risk, video analysis plays a key role in businesses around the world. […]

Surveilling the Seven Seas: Security on Today’s Cruise Lines

Statistical data show that in the past five years, there has been an 11.4 percent increase in passenger movements for cruise lines in the Mediterranean region. This is indicative of a consistent trend of endurance and stability in the Global Cruise Market despite the changing economy. While security on the ships has always been a […]

OnCampus: For the Sake of Campus Security

We have a unique invitation for you. Beginning this year, we are embarking on a countrywide, educational journey that is exclusively dedicated to the ongoing discussion on the evolution, improvement and future of physical security in the K-12 and higher education markets. As a company, we feel that education campuses are the most important places […]

Making the Smart Purchase: Investing in 360-degree Surveillance Technology for Retail

According to the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer, an annual industry study, missing goods from shoplifting and other causes cost U.S. retailers approximately $42 billion per year. Consumers are the ones who end up paying the price for the theft — roughly $403 annually per U.S. household, according to the same study. Retailers are grappling […]