Planes, Trains and Automobiles: 360-degree Surveillance in Transportation

The UN found that in 2014, 54 percent of the world’s population resided in urban areas, and that population growth is projected to add about 2.5 billion more people to the planet by the year 2050. Public forms of transportation are lifelines for billions of people across the globe already, and growing in dependence each […]

Source Security Article: Casino Security and Analytics

Behavior Monitoring And The Role Of Video Analytics In Understanding Casino Behavior By Larry Anderson Editor, In casino surveillance, there must be an understanding of the behavior of thieves and cheats. In particular, casinos must understand how thebehavior of a casino adversary differs from that of a legitimate guest. The end result of the […]

The Future of IP Video Surveillance, Part 2 – Day/Night Capabilities, Resolution, Frame Rates, Omnidirectional & Light-Field Cameras

For the second part of our series on the future of IP video surveillance, we look at the advanced features and capabilities of surveillance cameras that are increasing the quality of viewable footage and bringing it into the 21st century. These features include higher resolution, increasing frame rates, light sensitivity and day/night capability, omnidirectional cameras […]

Seeing the Whole Picture: Examining the Benefits of 360-degree Cameras

360-degree fisheye cameras are a popular topic in the security industry today, and the technology seems to be cropping up in nearly every vertical. In fact, 360-degree cameras represent one of the strongest areas of growth in surveillance technology, with global unit shipments forecast to increase by more than 60 percent year-on-year, according to recent […]

Casinos are Winning at the Video Surveillance Game

Casinos are a great place for distraction – bright lights, loud gaming machines, people cheering over a lucky game of craps – but security officials in these casinos can’t afford distractions during surveillance of these activities. Securing these facilities, which can be thousands of square feet in size, requires a wealth of personnel, alarm systems, […]

The Changing Role of Retail Security

Retail is one of the fastest-growing markets for 360-degree cameras, with many businesses eager to enjoy the benefits offered by wide field-of-view video surveillance. But for today’s retailers, surveillance isn’t just about loss prevention. Retail security is evolving in significant ways, and the role of the LP department has changed significantly. Surveillance Evolves Beyond LP […]

Goodbye PTZ, Hello 360

The ultimate goal of end users in any market – from transportation and retail, to critical infrastructure and education – is to enhance situational awareness. With a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of their facility’s security status at any given time, operators are empowered to more effectively deter, detect, respond to and investigate incidents and emergency […]

Facilities Net: ARIA gets a 360-degree View on Cheats

While the MGM ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas was still being constructed in 2009, Ted Whiting was given the opportunity to design its surveillance system.   Whiting has been involved in casino gaming since 1989, working his way up from dealer to cage cashier to poker room brush. He worked in surveillance at […]