• Intelligent technology solutions
  • Introducing the Evolution Mini
  • Introducing the Evolution Mini
  • Oncam Grandeye and Sentry360 Settle Litigation
  • Introducing the Evolution Mini

Oncam Grandeye is the architect of fully scalable total security solutions.

Oncam Grandeye is an Oncam Technologies company and was founded in 2007. Oncam is an independent, specialized, security company with a reputation for being ine of the most innovative firms in today's market. The company designs, delivers and deplys total security and technological solutions from customized designs - including award-winning 360-degree cameras and relatd technologies.

Oncam Grandeye's unique line of 360-degree IP cameras utilise award-winning, patented technology that is recognized as the global industry leader. Whether for critical infrastructure, such as power plants and pipelines, commercial or institutional assets, or home protection, Oncam Grandeye's 360-degree technology is designed to meet all of today's security and liability requirements.


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