Advanced Light Management Technology

Dynamic Light Management for every use case

Capturing useable security footage in poorly lit scenes is notoriously difficult. Oncam’s Advanced Light Management Technology dynamically manages the available light to achieve the best results in every corner of every 360-degree scene. Whether it be extreme low light or a complex mixed lighting environment, Advanced Light Management Technology automatically optimizes image quality whatever light is available, to produce clearer, full-color, lower noise surveillance videos, while maintaining the sharpness of static or moving objects even in very low light conditions.
With this technology you can see the finer details in challenging low and mixed light conditions and have the flexibility to choose your imaging preference, whether that be to achieve the sharpest motion or the most exposed low light details. Advanced Light Management Technology is available on all Oncam C-Series cameras.


Fully automated

The correct image adjustments are applied dynamically based on lighting condition of the full 360-degree image

Advanced noise reduction image processing algorithms 

A combination of advanced adaptive low-light enhancement technologies can be applied throughout the image process, starting at the lens all the way through to the final images streamed, creating optimum image quality based on whatever light is available

Clearer, brighter, lower noise images in low light conditions

Optimum image quality and color fidelity, making the best use of the available light in the scene

Reduced bandwidth and storage consumption

By minimizing noise, maximizing contrast, color fidelity and dynamic range, images are clearer and less storage and bandwidth are needed to stream and store them

Expert hardware choices

High quality, large aperture lens, high sensitivity image sensor and state-of-the-art image signal processor are the components that our Advanced Light Management Technology leverages

Up to 30 fps

Maintain high frame rate if required or dynamically reduce to capture more light per frame

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