StreamLite Compression

Oncam’s image quality, compressed without compromise

Achieve an average of 50% bandwidth reduction with StreamLite

High definition video means more detailed pictures, but it can also mean that more bandwidth and storage are going to be needed. With StreamLite compression technology, you can maintain Oncam’s market leading image quality while lowering your video bandwidth and storage demands by an average of 50% or more, and in scenes with low motion, by over 90% with minimal impact on the final image quality, but most of all, without compromising on the details that matter.
SteamLite is applied to both H.264 and H.265 and uses smart dynamic object & motion-based algorithms to analyze the video stream on the fly and identify what’s really important.

Integrated VMS / NVR partners have access to StreamLite+, and they can achieve an additional 20% compression thanks to the advanced capabilities of Oncam’s ColorMap Compression. StreamLite and StreamLite+ are available on all Oncam C-Series cameras.

ColorMap. The key to unlock StreamLite+

The human eye perceives different colors in the spectrum as more and less important. ColorMap compression technology reduces colors from a scene that are not a priority to the human eye, leading to an additional 20% bandwidth saving on top of traditional compression technologies. This reduced color data is then compressed for efficient encoding, resulting in less data being transmitted and stored, and then uncompressed again for viewing.
Impacted by the colors in a scene rather than the levels of movement, unlike traditional compression, ColorMap delivers its unique compression results even in scenes with high activity and motion. 

With ColorMap you can shrink bandwidth and storage even further, without compromising on image quality or the level of detail.

50% average bandwidth and storage reduction

Advanced, real-time compression technology that further enhances compression capabilities of H.264 and H.265.

Little impact on image quality

StreamLite' s advanced real time adaptive compression algorithms enable video to be compressed with little impact on the Oncam image quality you're used to.

Up to 20% extra reduction with ColorMap

By compressing hues that are not visible to the human eye. ColorMap can further compress video independently of motion present in the scene.

Automatically adjusts to every scene

Dynamically applied based on scene detail and activity to ensure maximum compression without detail loss.

Keeps all the relevant information

Combining Dynamic ROI, Dynamic GOP and Dynamic FPS, StreamLite ensures less data is transmitted and stored without losing important detail in the image. 

Tailored to your needs

StreamLite offers advanced users an industry leading level of control to tune the compression and analytics it uses for their specific environment.

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