Evolution 180 Outdoor

Robust Panoramic Perfection

The Evolution 180 Outdoor has been specifically designed for applications that require a dewarped panoramic view of a scene from a single sensor camera, without blind spots. The 5:2 Panoramic+ stream provides a perfect balance between image quality and bandwidth efficiency. 

In addition, when mounted on an angle, Oncam’s ACT (Angle Compensation Technology) corrects the view by straightening vertical lines in the scene.

The outdoor enclosure provides maximum protection against the elements and vandalism and the Evo 180 Outdoor comes with IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K and IK10+ ratings, making it an ideal camera for tough environments. 


Key features

12MP sensor

The camera uses an 12 megapixel Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, which offers highly detailed and super crisp 360-degree images.

Oncam Angle Compensation Technology (ACT)

When mounting on an angle, Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology corrects the view, straightening vertical lines in the scene.

6MP Dewarped Panorama

A 5:2 panorama image is cut out from the centre of the 12MP sensor, resulting in a 3840×1536 (6MP) panoramic image.

IP69K / IK10+ Rating

The housing is IP69K and IK10+ rated for max protection against high pressure, high temperature, dust and vandalism.

True Day/Night

The Evolution 180 camera is fitted with an IR Cut Filter that can be operated via automatic, manual or external control.

IP68 Rating

The IP68 rating offers full protection from dust and solid matter and the camera is suitable for water immersion.


Wath these videos and learn about the USPs of the Evolution 180 Outdoor, where you should use it, how easy it is to install and discover how Oncam’s ACT (Angle Compensation Technology) works.

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