Corporate Responsibility

Being Socially Responsible

Each decision and activity have an impact on the society and the environment. At Oncam, we have decided to act and make conscious decisions on how we behave as global citizens, through transparent and ethical behaviour. These are the principles that drive our behaviour, both throughout the organization and our partners:

  • Contributing to sustainable development;
  • Taking into account the expectations of stakeholders;
  • Being in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behavior.

ISO 26000

The Oncam team works on a daily basis to apply the ISO 26000 standard to integrate socially responsible behaviour into our organisation. We commit to operate in accordance to the seven standard principles:

  1. Accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Ethical behaviour
  4. Respect for stakeholder interests
  5. Respect for the rule of law
  6. Respect for international norms of behaviour
  7. Respect for human rights

Giving Back