C-12 Outdoor Plus Camera

Ready to take 360-degree video to the next level

Oncam C-12 Outdoor Plus is a powerful, robust and feature rich camera.

Driven by an impressive multi-core CPU, high sensitivity 12MP sensor, up to 55fps and a sturdy protective enclosure, amongst other cutting-edge technologies available from Oncam, it’s the ideal solution for outdoor installations. When detailed, crisp images in tough external conditions are needed, this is the camera of choice.

The enhanced features available on the Plus Board make this camera perfect for the more demanding installations, while the wide range of mounting options and accessories provide even more versatility. 

Thanks to a wide range of built-in technologies, combined with an intuitive user interface and seamless ONVIF implementation, you have the freedom to configure and tailor the camera to best serve your installation environment.

Product Code: C12-OPC1-O

Key Features

12MP sensor

Oncam C-12 Outdoor utilizes a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor to produce a highly detailed and super crisp 360-degree image.

Industry Leading Frame Rates

Capture every movement in sharp detail with market leading 55 fps at full 9MP resolution or maintain your chosen frame rate up to 30 fps on primary stream with 3 other streams running. Alternatively experience best in class performance of 25 fps with TrueDetail HDR.


With Multi-Mode, you can chose to stream up to 4 different views simultaneously from: Fisheye, Panoramic+, Corridor+, T Corridor+, VCams.

C-Series advanced technologies

Oncam C-12 Outdoor incorporates advanced image processing technologies such as StreamLite+ Compression, TrueDetail HDR and Advanced Light Management to deliver Oncam's market leading image quality.

True Day/Night

Oncam C-12 Outdoor is fitted with an IR Cut Filter that can be operated manually or automatically for optimum performance in all light conditions including supporting additional IR lighting.

180-degree Panoramic+

Use accessories to create ultra wide panoramic views for wall mounted cameras, which use the center of the fisheye sensor to generate a true 180-degree image.

Plus Board Features

The Plus board further enhances the C-12 Outdoor Plus camera providing the capability to support an external 8-28 VDC power supply, I/O alarms, audio and external LED lamps, for the more demanding installations.

Harsh Environment and Vandal Resistance

With its impressive IP66, IP68, IP69K and IK10 ratings, the C-12 Outdoor Plus is resistant to the most demanding environmental conditions and provides protection against vandalism.

Enterprise Security

Several security features are onboarded on the Oncam’s C-Series by default to ensure the camera is secure out of the box, while more advanced features are user controlled and offer higher levels of protection against potential attacks. All of C-Series is fully NDAA compliant.

Technical Specification

Certain specifications are subject to VMS support. Please review the datasheet for full details.


Field of view

180° Horizontal, 180° Vertical

Image Sensor

12,4MP (approx.) CMOS sensor


180°, 1.6mm, F 2.0, all-glass, fixed focus, fixed iris, fisheye
Advanced Light Management

Day/Night IR cut filter

Automatic, manual

Minimum illumination

Color: 0.1 lux at 50 IRE F/2.0
Mono: 0.1 lux at 50 IRE F/2.0

Video motion detection

16 configurable polygonal regions


Motion Region Detector, Tampering, Loitering Object Detector, Line Crossing/Counting, Region Object Detector, Object Tracking Only, Region Object Occupancy

External alarm

2x contact input, 1x contact ouput

External LED control

2x contact output

Audio input

Audio IN through screw terminal connections, G.711/AAC codec

Advanced event management

Configurable Triggers: Motion regions, Network message, Link down
Configurable Actions: SMTP (snapshot), Local recording




5 configurable privacy regions/masks

SD card

Built in MicroSD card slot, up to 512GB (FAT32), minimum class 10 with AES256 File based encryption

White balance range

Auto White Balance (Range = approx. 2,500 K ~ 8,000 K)


Password protection, WS-Username token, RTSP authentication, HTTP Digest authentication, Authorization levels, Brute force protection, IP address filtering, User access log, Encrypted TLS 1.2, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1x Authentication, EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, EAP-PEAP
Enterprise Security


Frame rate

max 55fps at full resolution
or 25 fps with TrueDetail HDR

Video compression

H.264, H.265, MJPEG and VP8 (WEB RTC)

Smart compression

StreamLite H.264 and H.265 StreamLite+ H.264 and H.265 (with ColorMap compression)

Fisheye stream 1
(Primary – 360° Fisheye Stream H.264/H.265)

55 fps 2992 x 2992 (9.0 MP, max resolution) 30 fps when multi-streaming Up to 60 fps: 2800 x 2800 (7.8 MP) 2304 x 2304 (5.3 MP) 1920 x 1920 (3.7 MP) 1440 x 1440 (2.1 MP) 992 x 992 (0.98 MP) 512 x 512 (0.26 MP)

Fisheye stream 2
(Secondary – 360° Fisheye Stream H.264/H.265)

Up to 15 fps:
2992 x 2992 (9.0 MP, max resolution)

2800 x 2800 (7.8 MP)
2304 x 2304 (5.3 MP)
1920 x 1920 (3.7 MP)
1440 x 1440 (2.1 MP)
992 x 992 (0.98 MP)
512 x 512 (0.26 MP)

Fisheye stream 3
(Tertiary – 360° Fisheye Stream H.264/H.265)

Up to 30 fps:
1920 x 1920 (3.7 MP, max resolution)

1440 x 1440 (2.1 MP)
992 x 992 (0.98 MP)
512 x 512 (0.26 MP)

Fisheye stream 4
(Low resolution – 360° Fisheye Stream H.264/H.265/MJPEG)

Up to 10 fps:
512 x 512 (0.26 MP max resolution)

Camera modes

Multi-stream capacity

4 multiple streams can run concurrently. Primary stream maintains a frame rate of 30 fps

Dewarped views

Panoramic+ (180° view): 3040 x 1216 to 800 x 320
Corridor+ (ceiling split corridor view): 2432 x 1520 to 640 x 400
T Corridor+ (three-way split corridor view): 3456 x 1440 to 768 x 320
VCam (up to 4): 1280 x 720 to 576 x 432

Image settings

Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, exposure compensation, text overlay, 180° rotate, multiple color spaces
Advanced Light Management: exposure priority, imaging preference (low light, balanced, motion)

Image enhancement

TrueDetail HDR up to 25 fps.
TrueDetail HDR maximum dynamic range 120dB,
Wide Dynamic Range image adjustment

PTZ functionality

10x zoom with Oncam 3D client-side dewarping software

VMS/NVR support

ONVIF Profile G, M, S, T conformant
VMS/NVR compatibility

Web browser compatibility

Supported minimum browsers versions: Chrome 95, Firefox 94, Edge 95 and Safari 14.1.1


Up to 20 simultaneous users depending on the resolution settings


Supported for all streams (Video and Metadata)

Bit rate control

Fixed Quality (Capped Bitrate) or Constant Bit Rate



RJ45 for 100/1000BASE-Tx

Power consumption (maximum)

> 12.95W (IEEE 802.3af, PoE 48VDC)
> 12.95W (DC 8-28VDC)

Power input

Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE standard 802.3af. Screw Terminals, 8-28 VDC, 15W LPS, NEC Class 2 power supply


Camera mount

Surface, Pendant , Recessed and Panoramic+ Tilt


1.00 kg (2.20 lbs)

(D x W x H)

150 x 150 x 88 mm
(5.9 x 5.9 x 3.4 in)

Dimension drawing of Oncam C-Series C-08 and C-12 Outdoor Cameras
Click to enlarge


Operating temperature range

-40° C to +55° C (-40 to +131° F)


Operating Humidity

up to 95% Relative Humidity non-condensing

Cold start temperature range

-20° C to +55° C (-4 to +131° F)

Ingress protection

IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K

NEMA Type 4 & 6

Cold start temperature range with optional heater (CA-GHM1-O)

-40° C to +55° C (-40 to +131° F)

Impact resistance



  • IEEE802.3af
  • AS/NZS CISPR 32: 2015 AMD 1: 2020
  • CE: EN 55032:2015/A1:2020, Class B; EN 55035:2017/A11:2020; EN50130-4:2011/A1:2014
  • UKCA: BS EN 55032:2015 +A1:2020, Class B; BS EN 55035:2017 +A11:2020;
    BS EN50130-4:2011 +A1:2014
  • EN IEC 61000-6-3:2021
  • EN 45545-2: 2020EN 50155: 2017
  • EN 50121-1: 2017
  • EN 50121-3-2: 2016/A1: 2019
  • EN 50121-4: 2016/A1: 2019
  • FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15, Subpart B: 2020 Class B
  • ICES-003 Issue 7:2020, Class B
  • ANSI C63.4-2014,ANSI C63.4a-2017,
    CAN/CSA-CISPR 32:17
  • UL/cUL 62368-1, EN 62368-1:2014/A11:2017
  • RoHS
  • IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K and IK10
  • NEMA Type 4 & 6
  • BIS IS13252(Part1)/ IEC 60950-1
  • 5 year warranty


Outdoor Pendant Mount Kit


  • Aluminum
  • 1 1/2″ NPT male thread
  • Protective Sunshield
  • Pendant mount adaptor
Heater Module


  • Attaches to base of camera module​
  • Applicable in extreme environments for cold start as low as -40°C
  • Automatic on /off
Pole Mount Bracket


  • 1 1/2″ NPT female thread
  • Aluminum, includes clips
Wall Mount Bracket
  • 1 1/2″ NPT female thread
  • Aluminum
Corner Wall Mount Bracket


  • 1 1/2″ NPT female thread
  • Aluminum

Panoramic+ Rain Guard


  • Polymer construction
  • Surface or pendant mounting
  • Protects from rain 

Panoramic+ Tilt Adaptor


  • 0° to 90° angle
  • 1 1/2″ NPT Male to mounting bracket, Female to pendant mount, aluminum construction
  • Outdoor Pendant Mount required


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