TrueDetail HDR

Every detail at the right exposure

Photographers know that bright and dark areas are difficult to capture properly in a single shot. Dark areas need a longer exposure than the bright areas, so when both exist in the same scene, one of them loses out and detail is lost.
Oncam’s TrueDetail High Dynamic Range (HDR) captures two different images of the same video frame, with two different exposure levels. Then using advanced image tools, it merges them to create a balanced image bringing out the detail in both dark and bright areas. Unlike traditional sequential HDR technologies, TrueDetail HDR captures the two frames concurrently thus minimizing the time lag between short and long exposures so you can experience clear and sharp images with minimal motion blur.
Even in everyday scenes, the dual exposures of TrueDetail HDR brings out details you didn’t even know were there. TrueDetail HDR is available on all Oncam C-Series cameras.


The finest details in both light and dark areas of every scene

TrueDetail HDR's advanced analytics tools can create balanced images without losing details

Realistic lifelike image quality and detail with smooth motion and playback

Maintain Oncam's image quality and keep all the detail you need regardless of the exposure in your image

Maintain up to 30 fps

Turn this feature on Oncam C-Series cameras and maintain up to 30 fps on your stream

Significantly reduced motion blur and image tearing

By capturing two images at the same time, TrueDetail HDR can capture crisp images with minimized motion blur, unlike sequential HDR technologies

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Our TrueDetail HDR infographic explains in depth how this technology works and its benefits.

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