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Facilities Net: ARIA gets a 360-degree View on Cheats

While the MGM ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas was still being constructed in 2009, Ted Whiting was given the opportunity to design its …

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Oncam Announce Integration with AMAG

Oncam announce integration for patented dewarping camera technology with AMAG Technology’s Symmetry   Oncam Announces Integration with AMAG Technology   Lowell, Mass, (April 7, 2015) – Oncam, …

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Oncam Introduces New Channel Partner Program

Oncam announces creation of Partner Program to provide support and service to the company’s valued partners.   Oncam Introduces New Channel Partner Program   Benefits …

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Oncam Secures Luxury Jeweler Mouawad

Oncam announce that Mouawad, a world-renowned luxury jeweler has deployed Oncam’s Evolution 360-degree cameras.   Oncam Secures World-renowned Luxury Jeweler Mouawad in Malaysia   Evolution …

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Should video systems be in a corporate network?

Should an enterprise’s video system have its own, or share the corporate network?   When should a video system be part of the corporate network? …

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