Visualization Tool


This tool has been designed as an alternative to a traditional pixel density calculator. Pixel density calculators are used to estimate pixel resolution in system design, and help users calculate the required cameras and positions to obtain the image quality needed.

An update to demonstrate the enhanced performance of our latest C-Series 12MP and 8MP camera range is coming soon. 

Select the camera type, height and object distance from the left-hand side menu. Press the “Visualize” button, and a sample will load with a representation of the selected parameters. This tool is currently unavailable on iOS devices. You can access it on any other mobile operating system or on your desktop browser of choice. This tool is currently unavailable on this browser. You can access it on any other browser which supports WebGL like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Distance type
Camera resolution
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Distance type
Camera Resolution
Camera height
Object distance
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Screen capture

Please note that the sample images used in this tool were filmed in an indoor environment with good lighting and the object was static during the filming process. Actual views from installed cameras may vary especially under different lighting conditions or when looking at moving objects. Please use this tool for guidance only.

Dewarping Functionality

Due to the unique image produced by the Oncam 360-degree cameras, combined with the immersive dewarping experience, a standard pixel density calculator would not fully represent the capabilities of our solution. Therefore, we have created this tool to allow customers to not only see a representation of the image quality they can expect with the camera mounted at different heights, but also see how our dewarping functionality can benefit the solution. Use this tool to generate views from both our Evolution 05 and 12 cameras, at different heights and with different object distances, and dewarp the image directly in your browser.


Try our ONVU360 PRO app to discover this unique multi-touch 3D client-side dewarping experience with a free download for iOS and Android devices.