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New Headquarters, Personnel Setting Oncam Up for Continued Success

With so much change in the air, it sometimes makes it difficult to look back and see just how far you’ve come. Within the last couple of months, Oncam has appointed a new Vice President of Product Management, expanded its Americas headquarters as part of a corporate strategy to strengthen its presence in key markets across the globe and launched a winning marketing campaign. That being said, who wouldn’t be excited about all of the great things on the horizon?

In July, Oncam added Justin Wheatley to the team as Vice President of Product Management, where he will ensure Oncam’s products are clearly and strongly defined, understood and represented in the marketplace, as well as developed to meet the evolving needs of customers in a wide variety of markets. Wheatley brings more than 23 years of engineering, management and product development and testing experiences in technology and IT fields to his new role. He has extensive experience in the development of dewarping technology for 360-degree fisheye cameras.

Around the same time, Oncam expanded its Americas headquarters to the Boston tech corridor, which harbors some of the area’s most prestigious and up-and-coming technology companies. The new 8,000-square-foot facility will house the Americas executive management, sales and service staff, research and development, and support staff.

Additionally, Oncam is always looking for ways to increase awareness about our technology through technology is important. What better way for people to see what we can do than by allowing them to see first-hand the capability of our technology?

Through our recent “Heist On Cam” campaign, the exciting, interactive detective story was developed using 360-degree views as four interactive video puzzles. Participants were asked to interact with the game to get the true experience of 360-degree views. With around 1.6 million people having experienced Heist On Cam, Oncam continues to succeed in raising awareness around technology and help end users see how truly unique our technology is. Following the end of the campaign, Adland, a website that evaluates advertising campaigns across platforms, recently lauded the Heist On Cam campaign as “digital storytelling, well done” and critic David Felton said it was, “my favorite digital campaign of the year so far.” Oncam couldn’t be more excited about these words: “Professionalism can be interesting. A CCTV camera can be interesting. And brave advertising needs to be self assured, and unlock that interest.”

Still, Oncam continues to discover ways to enrich technology through continued research and development. The ever-growing popularity of 360-degree technology continues to develop globally, but goes well beyond the realm of traditional security. This technology can be utilized in classrooms, retail locations, transportation entities, critical infrastructure, resorts and casinos, and beyond. This kind of technology allows the end user to view everything as if he or she were physically in that particular domain.

As Oncam continues to deliver the latest and greatest In 360-degree technology and brand awareness, there’s no looking back now – just upward and onward into the future of technology.

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