Oncam Heads to MIPS: Celebrating the Importance of Partnership

At Oncam, we take great pride in placing relationship and partnership development at the heart of our business. We believe that bringing together best-of-breed products is the best way to create a comprehensive solution that meets unique customer needs for different applications in a variety of vertical markets.


Creating this type of collaboration involves two key characteristics: commitment and interoperability. When technology providers possess the goal of delivering enhanced solutions to customers through products that seamlessly integrate with one another, end users benefit greatly.


Oncam has developed many of these kinds of relationships over the years, enabling our technology partners to grow their business by leveraging our industry-leading wide-angle and 360-degree technology. By gaining access to our technology portfolio, our partners and our team can come together to collectively offer customers advanced high-value solutions and the best user experience possible.


Our partnership with Milestone Systems exemplifies this mantra as it continues to grow and flourish every year. By completing the retesting and documentation of Oncam’s 360-degree solutions with Milestone XProtect open-platform IP video management software (VMS), users can gain access to a proven system designed to increase awareness and enhance intelligence.


The Oncam video plug-in dewarps a 360-degree video stream within the XProtect client, which corrects the distortions introduced by the fisheye lens and allows the view to look normal to the user. Users are then able to leverage comprehensive video imagery that provides a wider field of view and superior picture quality.


Oncam is proud to put this integration to use by working with Milestone in various applications, such as providing comprehensive surveillance to an international logistics and supply chain company. The companies also participate in numerous co-marketing activities, such as exhibiting at industry shows together, with recent appearances at IFSEC 2017, IFSEC 2018 and Security Essen 2018.


As part of our partnership with Milestone, Oncam will be attending Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) 2019, Milestone’s flagship event that brings together partners to collaborate, network and learn from the global tendencies within the video management software industry. MIPS consists of three events nationwide: Feb. 25, in Nashville, Tenn.; March 25, in Copenhagen, Denmark; and April 2, in Bali, Indonesia.


Oncam will display its 360-degree and wide-angle video solutions, including the latest addition to the family, the ExD Cameras for explosive environments, at the events. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our team during the Nashville event by clicking here.

We hope to see you there!

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