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Oncam Shortlisted for Hazardex Awards: Voting Now Open

Hazardex Awards

Oncam is thrilled to announce that its Explosive Environment Camera range has been shortlisted for the Hazardex 2019 Awards! Recognizing excellence in the hazardous area sector, a total of 25 nominations were shortlisted across five categories, and the winners will be announced at the Hazardex 2019 Conference and Exhibition Gala Awards dinner on Feb. 27, 2019.

The Evolution ExD Camera was selected in the Personnel Protection Technologies (PTT) Equipment category, which awards the best innovation “incorporating electronic and technological systems that the user can wear, hold or use to improve safety within the process and high hazard industries.”

Be sure to check out Oncam’s ExD Camera range in person at stand #25 during the 2019 Hazardex International Conference and Exhibition on Feb. 27-28, in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK. The event brings together government agencies, regulators and certification bodies to meet with senior engineers and safety managers from the high hazard and process industries to share experiences, ideas and innovations.

The ExD Explosive Environment camera range is the only 360-degree single-sensor camera with an explosion-protected housing. The range is designed to safeguard environments in markets such as oil and gas production and refineries, power and utilities, wastewater treatment, grain handling and storage, and other hazardous materials facilities.

We’re honored to be chosen as a finalist for the Hazardex 2019 Awards and we greatly appreciate your vote!

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