Banking on 360-Degrees

Security and safety are important issues to every one of us, but never is this more important than when it comes to our money and finances. The banking and finance industry faces unique challenges when it comes to surveillance. Security issues such as theft and fraud are real threats that affect customers, employees and the public in general, and financial institutions often must meet strict regulations when implementing security protocols. Having a plan of action is not an option, but a necessity for banks and financial establishments.

So the question becomes, how does one effectively protect their assets and customers? The simple answer is by utilizing a system that provides comprehensive video coverage with a 360-degree view of common areas, creating real-time situational awareness that can also work with analytics software to provide business intelligence. By increasing awareness, there is greater capability for a proactive approach to financial and personal security.

Fraud and cyber crime may often grab the headlines, but Oncam understands that creating a safe environment for customers and staff remains a high priority for all banks and financial institutions. According to the FBI, there are still more than 5,000 bank robberies committed with $38 million stolen.

In a highly competitive environment, the need to maximize customer satisfaction is a challenge of which the banking industry is all too aware. As part of a comprehensive integrated security and business solution that combines the power of 360-degree technology with dewarping software, people-counting video analytics, dwell time and footfall analysis, Oncam can provide these financial institutions with total situational awareness and the ability to control access to sensitive areas while observing absolutely everything that is or has occurred in any of their branches.

Oncam develops video solutions that directly address banking users’ needs. When it comes to financial security, the technology monitors public areas where customers utilize services such as ATMs, safety deposit boxes, conference rooms and lobbies within the bank, but also increased security for corporate offices and cash counting facilities. This technology provides a broader view for not only recording events, but also for detecting potential issues and threats.

This detection is key, and with 360-degree surveillance comes innovative data analytics that allow for preemptive solutions as well as timely incident resolution. When it comes to fraud and theft in the financial sector, often times the company is alerted to the incident after it occurs.

To combat these security threats, technology such as Oncam’s OnVu360 App gives end users access to real-time security at their fingertips. This application allows security managers to view what is happening 24 hours a day, even from offsite locations. Recorded streams, high-resolution video, and data analytics are the essential components for an immersive 360-degree view.

What sets this state-of-the-art security technology apart is interactive information. Analytics can be used for fraud protection, elevating critical detection and security measures that make a real difference in customer satisfaction and proactive protection. When it comes to money, assets and people, safety management is vital to creating a secure environment, and now there is a comprehensive means to achieve this.

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