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New Dewarping and Visualization Tools Augment Oncam’s Web site

Oncam has added two new functionalities to its website in an effort to enhance the user experience and drive interaction. The first of their kind in the security industry, these tools allow potential customers to explore how the cameras work right through their computer screens.

Claudia Barosso, Product Marketing Manager, Oncam; Therese Hume, Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager, Oncam; Storm12 Creative Agency; and 4129 Digital Agency, Istanbul, worked together to develop a method that gives users the ability to fully experience characteristics of the camera without having to see the product in person. Both aspects of the Web site easily give the world a taste of Oncam’s uniqueness and innovation.

The first tool, the Web-based 360-degree dewarping capability, is available through all browsers and enables visitors to use their mouse scroll wheel or trackpad to zoom in/out on, rotate or convert any area of the fisheye image. This makes it appear and feel as though you’re looking at a traditional video stream.

The online visualization tool was designed as an alternative to a traditional pixel density calculator. These calculators are used to estimate pixel resolution in system design, but due to the particular image produced by Oncam’s cameras combined with the dewarping, a standard pixel density calculator wouldn’t comprehensively exemplify the solution. Therefore, the visualization tool can generate views from both the Evolution 05 and 12 cameras based on different heights and object distances. Users can not only see a representation of the image quality they can expect, but they can also dewarp the image produced and see how that functionality benefits the solution.

The tools integrated together show Oncam’s adaptability in the security market and willingness to go beyond what is expected to showcase its components

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