ONVU360 Pro Mobile App Updates Enhance Functionality and Effectiveness

Today’s digital world and the advanced technologies that make up our daily lives have been shaped by a variety of factors, but there might be none more prominent than the demand for convenience. Society has come to expect every task and action to be available at our fingertips, and in the security industry, this is for good reason: the ability to remotely control a device or system can mean the difference between a proactive and reactive response.

That’s why Oncam places significant effort and dedication into allowing its surveillance solutions to seamlessly translate for mobile capabilities. We’re proud to announce the newest version of the ONVU360 Pro Mobile App that is available for both iOS and Android devices. The mobile application enables users to fully experience live and recorded surveillance through 180- and 360-degrees in full HD in the palm of your hand.

Compatible with every Oncam camera, the unique, multi-touch 3D client-side dewarping app includes several new features, such as:

  • Support for the panoramic cameras within the Evolution 180 range
  • Significant improvements to SD card recordings, with the ability to access and play back recordings from the card when present.
  • Customized in-app messaging to deliver key information to customers.
  • The ability to group multiple cameras into a customizable camera group name.
  • The ability to save a camera view while viewing.


The latest version of the ONVU360 Pro app also includes a redesigned intuitive and clean interface that is easy to navigate and control. This makes the multi-touch dewarping, which allows users to tap, drag, pinch or rotate the camera view, a quick and easy process.

Streamlining this feature and the use of mobile applications in general is key when it comes to efficiency for security personnel. Mobile connectivity allows users to achieve full situational awareness and insight into a specific location or organization from any location and at any time.

And in the event of an incident, time is of the essence, meaning it cannot be wasted searching through an application in an effort to view or extract the necessary data. Updates like those made to ONVU360 Pro enable users to immediately see all action taking place at a scene and determine the appropriate and informed response.

By translating the intelligence and innovation of Oncam’s award-winning 180- and 360-degree wide angle technology to a mobile device, users can benefit from the expertise in surveillance solutions they’ve come to expect no matter where they are, facilitating enhanced security, awareness and efficiency. Download the ONVU360 Pro App today.

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Any area of an original warped #fisheye can be converted to have the look of a more traditional #video stream. A user can then move around the image and look at different parts of it in a natural way. #oncam360

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